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Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday! Today’s Schedulin’ Sunday is coming to you LIVE from Arizona!   I spent Saturday doing some workshops for some amazing teachers in the Paradise Valley Unified School District and then we explored Scottsdale!  This week is all about plants and subtraction in our class!

Plants And Subtraction Lesson Plans

plants lesson plans

As always you can click on the image to download my weekly lesson plans about plants and subtraction!


plants         Earth Day

We will be using my Plantin Seeds plant research project to learn about plants.  The first week of our plant unit focuses on the parts of a plant and the needs of plants!

As always, we kick off our new unit with a schema map!

plants schema map

We will do a tree map about plants, label plants and do a true false sort!

plants plants kindergarten plants

The students make a poster showing the parts of a plant and the needs of a plant!

plants labeling

We will also make a venus fly trap using paper plates!  Stay tuned for details and pictures!

Since we’re learning about seeds and plants, we will plant grass seed and start or observation journals!  We plant grass seed because it grows fast and is pretty successful!

Mad Science will be making rainbow flowers!   We place white carnations in water with food coloring and watch as the flowers turn colors!  This is such a great way to show how the stems drink the water and take it to the flower!

rainbow flowers

For Foodie Fun Friday we eat the parts of a plant!

parts of a plant

parts of a plant

Click the image to get your free sorting sheet for eating parts of a plant!

For more plant ideas including art projects and freebies, check out these posts:

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Plant Books

plant books              


Blends Bootcamp!

blends bootcamp

We are continuing our  BLENDS BOOTCAMP!   Our Blends Bootcamp follows the same routines and structures (hello, consistency!!) as Word Family Bootcamp and Vowel BootCamp and ABC BOOTCAMP!  This week we’re focusing on blends st, cr, br, and bl!

Blends Bootcamp is a two day routine.  Day 1 is the circle map to introduce the blend.  And day 2 will be building, reading and writing words featuring the blends.

blends bootcamp

All of our Blends Bootcamp assessments will be done using ESGI!  All of my blends assessments are available for you to use on ESGI!


In math, we will be working on subtraction.  We are working on subtracting to 10 and working on subtraction fluency!

Our first subtraction lesson is Baggin’ Subtraction!

Label bags 0-10.  Students choose a subtraction card, solve the equation and sort it into the bag!  When we finish we go through the cards quickly and answer the equations!

kindergarten subtraction

Click the image to see a detailed post about this subtraction game and get your freebies!

The kids will get to be the “Dealer” in our giant playing card subtraction game!

subtraction to 10

Each student “deals” two cards, we put the bigger number first and write the equation on our paper and solve!

Click the image to get your free recording sheet!

For more math fun with playing cards, check out our Dealing With Math creation!

Plant Freebies

plants emergent reader        plant poem


plants lesson plans

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