Light Table Sight Words

Today I’m showing you how to make light table sight words!  This is an easy to prep/make and easy to differentiate sight word activity that you can use with or without a light box or light table!

light table sight words

So if you have followed me any amount of time you know I tend to find items and objects to use in my classroom and then I become slightly obsessed.  Just slightly….I mean, have you heard about my plastic egg collection in the hundreds?!  Well, it’s happened again!  This time it’s reusable ice cubes that we’re using for our light table or light box.  You see, it started with counting to 100 on the light box and now it’s sight words!   And then I found that Amazon has reusable ice cubes in fun shapes so I’m really in trouble now!  So today I’m going to show you how to make and use light table sight words with reusable ice cubes!

You can find reusable ice cubes at Wal-Mart or Target or Amazon!   The ones I’m using came from Wal-Mart and cost me $2!

light table sight words

After assessing my students, I analyzed our ESGI assessment data and found the most missed sight words for my students.  I used those words to make our light table sight words!  If you’re not using ESGI for all of your assessment, check it out by clicking HERE!   All of my assessments are available for you to use!

First, I wrote the sight words I wanted the kids to practice on an index card.  Then, I simply used a Sharpie to write the letters for each word on a reusable ice cube.

light box sight words

BAM!  Super easy to prep and make!   And super easy for the students to use!

kindergarten sight words

After the students build the word, they write the word too!   By doing this on a light box or light table you’re giving students a sensory experience as they learn which increases engagement and learning!

light table sight words

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