Pool Noodle Letter Activities

pumpkin letters

If you know me, you know I love me some pool noodles.  You also know I love me some DIY.  So when you can combine those two, I get a little giddy.  So today I want to show you a simple way to use pool noodles to make some pool noodle letter activities that can be used in our classroom, especially at the beginning of the year!

All you need are 4 pool noodles, a Sharpie and a serrated knife (like a steak knife).  Since we’re doing uppercase and lowercase letters I chose two colors of pool noodles so one color is uppercase letters and one color is lowercase letters.

I cut the pool noodles into 3 inch sections.  This was just an arbitrary size.  You can do smaller or larger sizes if you want.

pool noodle alphabet match pool noodle letter activities

Next, write your uppercase and lowercase letters on the pool noodles.  Now you have some pool noodle letter activities ready to go!

pool noodle letter match pool noodle alphabet activities

pool noodle alphabet activities

Use the pool noodles in a couple of fun and engaging ways (ya’ll know I love things that can be used in many ways…have you seen my center creations?!  1 center.  Many uses!).   You can do:  abc order.  Have students stack the pool noodles in abc order!  This is also a great STEM activity!

Or you can have students do a pool noodle alphabet match by stacking the uppercase and lowercase letters!

pool noodle letters pool noodle letter stacking

pool noodle letter activities

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pool noodle alphabet activities

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