3 Letter Identification Activities

Today I’m showing you three letter identification activities that are super easy to make and super engaging!  And they’re fun.  Did I mention cheap and easy?  Ya’ll know how much I love cheap and easy!   And you probably have most of these items in your house or classroom!

So let’s get started!

First up is a great fine motor activity that also helps student work on letter recognition!

You’ll need some foam shapes, clothespins and a Sharpie!  I used foam rectangles because that’s what I had lying around.  But this would be fun with other foam shapes like flowers or apples!

Simply write the uppercase letters on the foam shapes.  Write the lowercase letters on the clothespins.  Students choose a clothespin, say the letter and clip the letter on the foam shape for a fun letter identification activity.

letter identification activities

Next, is a super fun and giant letter identification activities.   This one uses paper plates so you’ll need paper plates and a Sharpie!  (Have you noticed my love of paper plates in the classroom?!)

Simply write uppercase letters and lowercase letters on the plates.

letter identification activities

Place the plates face down.  Students flip over two plates.  If they match, they keep the plates.  Plates that don’t match get turned over and the next person gets a turn!  As they find matches, have students identify the letters (and sounds!).

paper plate memory game

And finally, this super easy letter identification activity using Scrabble tiles, magnetic letters or letter cubes!

I found these awesome cubes at Wal-Mart for $8.  They can be used for so many activities and alphabet games!

Simply print these letter mats that I whipped up.  Students choose a cube, say the letter and place the letter on the mat.  I will be using these for one on one work and in our guided reading groups.  I also plan to use this for working on letter sounds!

alphabet recognition activities

(Credit:  Printable Princess)

The great thing with all of these is that they can be modified for sounds, numbers, shapes and many other skills!

Click the images to get your free letter identification mats!

letter identification mats 

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letter identification

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