Brick Letters: Letter And Sound Recognition

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Shrinky Dinks are pretty amazing little inventions.  I mean, i’m 38 years old and I’m sitting in the floor watching these things shrink and curl and flatten.  AMAZING.  MAGIC PEOPLE, MAGIC!   So I wanted to use these magic sheets of plastic to make center and workstation activities for my class.  So today I’m going to show you how to make and use brick letters to make some shrinky dink learning activities!  Brick letters…do you see what these letters are supposed to be?!?!

First things first.  A huge shout out to the TBFF Jen Hart Design for this awesome clip art set!

You’ll need some shrinky dink plastic!  I found mine on Amazon!  This particular package does not say you can print on it but I used it in my laser printer with no issues!

First, you need to print the brick letters on the shrinky dinks.

brick letters

Next, you to need to trim around the letters!

Then you need to shrink the letters!   I set my oven at 350 degrees.  Place the cut outs on a cookie sheet lined with foil or wax paper.   The letters will curl up.  Do not panic.  I repeat, do not panic.  They will uncurl.   Once they shrink, remove them from the oven and flatten with a spatula.  Allow to cool.

brick letters letters and sounds letter recognition

I made a set of uppercase brick letters and lowercase brick letters!   So, how will we use them?    Well, here ya go!

The letters will be added to our sensory bin and used for beginning sound practice!

beginning sounds

The brick letters will be used for lowercase letter recognition!

lowercase letters

The letters will also be used for uppercase letter recognition!

uppercase letters

Brick Letters Freebies

letter recognition freebie

For another shrinky dink idea, check out this post:

To see how we make our sensory bin, check out this post:

sensory bin

For more “brick” resources, check out these creations!

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