Center Purge 2017 GIVEAWAY!

Ya’ll, I love centers/workstations!  I love creating them and making them!  And I love seeing my kids use centers.  Centers make differentiation easy.  Centers make engagement and fun easy.   And let’s face it, they’re super cute and fun as well as rigorous and academic!   So, with my slight obsession for centers, I end up with lots and lots of centers.  So this year, I decided to purge.  The center purge of 2017 was a smashing success!

center purge

I spent a few hours going through each of my center containers and purging.  Ya’ll, teachers are hoarders and that’s ok.  But it’s also OK to purge.  Because purging means more room for more stuff!   Just saying…now I can make more centers!

My rationale for what to purge and what not to purge was not scientific at all.   I asked myself a few questions:

Have we used it in a year or so?

Has it been updated or reprinted?

Does it need to be replaced?

So I purged a ton of stuff.   And everything is now organized and the bigger question is what to do with all of the centers that are still in good shape and could be used in a classroom?

HOW ABOUT A GIVEAWAY!?!?!   Yep.  Ya’ll saw this picture on Facebook and Instagram:

center purge

And ya’ll wanted these centers!   So, your wish is my command!!

ONE lucky person is going to win this giant bag full of centers!!!!

Included in this bag are USED math and literacy centers AND some brand new centers.   I cannot tell you what is included.  There are skills for the entire year.  I tried to only include centers that are still in good, usable shape.  I cannot guarantee the quality of these but I can say there will be lots of great things in this bag!!

So who wants this bag of goodness?   Simply enter with the Rafflecopter below!   This giveaway will end Friday, June 16!  Once a winner is selected we will ship that person the centers!!  GOOD LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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