Subitizing Video: Trolls and Patriotic

Subitizing is a very important math skill for our students.  But seriously ya’ll, do you say SUB (like a submarine) or SUBE (with a long vowel) when you say subitizing?  Just curious.   But back to the important matter at hand….subitizing videos.  My students LOVE to subitize so I want to keep that excitement going so that’s why I started creating these subitizing videos and cards.   Not only can we practice subitizing in fun themes, but we can get up and move and dance!  Learning is all about having fun!

You might be wondering what exactly is subitizing?  Well, it’s quite simply, number fluency.  It’s knowing how many there are without counting.  Think of a dice.  When adults roll a dice they know automatically how many dots.  We don’t count the dots, we recognize the pattern and know how many.  That’s subitizing.   That’s the math skill we’re trying to build with our subitizing video and cards.  We subitize with ten frames to 20, tally marks to 10, dice to 6 and we subitize how many dots or picture to 10.

How do you subitize in your classroom?

Here are your free subitizing videos with two themes:  a patriotic theme and what I’m sure will be a huge hit with our kids, TROLLS!   Each video comes in a slow version and a fast version.  Both versions of the subitizing video is on our YouTube channel.  

And here are your FREE subitizing cards!  These can be printed and laminated for whole group or small group math practice!

For more information on subitizing, check out this post:



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