Lego Math Activities

When I was a kid I loved Legos.  I remember I had this giant box full of Legos and would spend hours and hours building things with my Legos.  And now as an adult I still think Legos are super cool.   I recently made a purchase for my classroom at the Lego store that required assembly.  I dumped the box out and the kids went right to work.  It was amazing to see them following directions and working together to assemble our Legos.   And it inspired me to bring more Legos into the classroom with these Lego math activities!

Target usually has some Lego type blocks in their Dollar Spot and if you have a friend like Stacy (Simpson’s Superstars on IG…FOLLOW HER!) she will send you bunches of these Legos.   You can also order Legos online or go to the Lego store.  Or raid your kids’ stash…but I don’t recommend that because no one likes their LEgos to be messed with.  Just sayin…

So, you’ll need some Legos and a Sharpie.

The first of our Lego Math activities is just a numbers and counting game with some fine motor work involved.


This is quite simple.  On one Lego I put the number.  On another Lego of the same size and color I put the dots.  For numbers to ten, I used the 2×2 (square) pieces.  For numbers from 10-20 I used the 2×4 (rectangle pieces).

  Lego math activities

Students simply count the dots, find the correct number and snap the Legos together!

Then I decided to make some additional pieces so students could work on making teen numbers using tens and some one!  I made another set of 2×2 pieces using the same colors as the 2×4 rectangle pieces.  On one square piece I wrote ten dots.  On the second square piece I wrote the number of dots needed to make the teen number.

lego math activities

Students choose a number from 11-20 and find the two pieces that make the number!

Lego teen numbers

Here’s a free ten frame recording sheet if you want students to record their numbers and work on counting with ten frames!

Also check out this post on how I made Shrinky Dink Lego Letters using clip art from Jen Hart Design!

You can also check out these creations that teach syllables and composing and decomposing numbers using blocks!

Credit:  busytoddler.com


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