Apple Research Project And Shapes: Schedulin’ Sunday

This week we’re kicking off our Apple Research Project and learning about 2D shapes with SHAPES BOOTCAMP!  Click the image to download my lesson plans!

apple lesson plans

 This week we’re starting our Apples Research project!  I am so excited to start apples because that means Fall is just around the corner (and hopefully no more heat and humidity!)!

We kick off our apple research project with a schema map!  The students share their schema about apples and we record it on our schema map.  As we learn about apples, we add all of our new learning!


For the research part of our apples research project, we do a read aloud and record all of our information on our thinking maps and class charts!  The students then record the information in their apple research journal!  This week we’re doing a tree map, labeling the parts of an apple and learning the apple life cycle!

apple tree map

We are reading these books this week:

For more apple fun check out this post!  (Tons of ideas, pictures and freebies!)

Foodie Fun Friday

 This week’s Foodie Fun Friday will be an apple tasting party!  We will taste red, green and yellow apples and graph our favorite apple!

apple graphing

Apple Freebies!

Visit our apple post to get all of these great freebies!

apples emergent reader apple poem kindergarten


In math, we are going to introduce and learn about 2D shapes using SHAPES BOOTCAMP!

2D shapes

We start our SHAPES BOOTCAMP with a pre-assessment shapes sort!  This gives me information on how my students recognize shapes.  At the end of SHAPES BOOTCAMP, we do the sort again as a summative assessment!


As part of SHAPES BOOTCAMP we make a bubble map for a different shape each day!  We include the number of sides, faces,  and real objects for each shape!

shape anchor charts

The students pair up to make shape monsters!  We use our shape monsters to make our 2D shapes anchor chart!

shape monsters 2D shape anchor chart

We do a class shape sort and this year we’re doing a shape scavenger hunt!  The kids will find shapes in magazines and cut them out to glue on large shape charts!

This week’s Mad Science Thursday is Dancing Apple Seeds!

This week’s Mad Science is a new one for us and it’s apple themed!   We will make dancing apple seeds!  Students will drop apple seeds into a clear soda (Sprite, Ginger Ale) and see what happens.  Then we will try different sodas to see if the color makes the seeds dance more or less!

This week we’re also celebrating Talk Like A Pirate Day on Tuesday!

Check out this post for tons of pirate ideas and FREEBIES!


These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!

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