Counting On & Community Helpers: Schedulin’ Sunday

This week we’re continuing on learning all about community helpers! Plus working on counting on and what number comes next with numbers to 10.   Click the image to download my lesson plans!

counting on

 This week we continue our ABC BOOTCAMP with letters U-Y!  (I cannot believe we are almost done with ABC BOOTCAMP!

  Circle maps!  Hats!  Handwriting!

abc bootcamp


 This week we’re on week 2 of our  community helpers research project!  We’ve had so much fun learning about community helpers!   I love seeing my kids excited about learning!   


We will be using our Community Helpers research project to learn about the people who help us!

community helpers

Also, check out our new Transportation research project that goes perfectly with community helpers!

For each community helper we will read an informational text.  As we read our text, we will complete our tree map.  We complete the tree map AS WE READ and not after!  Completing the tree map after the read aloud is a form of assessment and that’s not what I want to do!   Then we will label our community helpers and do a directed drawing of each one!

community helpers lesson plans

This week we’re learning about police officers, firefighters, veterinarians!

We are reading these books this week:



Foodie Fun Friday

 This week’s Foodie Fun Friday will be about community helpers!  We’re making hammers with cheese cubes and pretzel sticks!  Stay tuned for the fun!


Community Helpers Freebies!


community helpers poem community helpers poem

Math-Counting On/What Number Comes Next

In math, we are going to introduce counting and what number comes next.  This starts off very simply by doing it verbally.  I will give a number and we count on from that number.

Day 2 is using a number line to count on.  This also helps with number recognition and gives students visual reminders of what number comes next!  We ouse Sit Spots to make our number line!   IF you don’t use SitSpots in your classroom YOU MUST USE THEM!  They are officially Mr. Greg endorsed!

I say a number, the student finds that number and we count on from that number.  Then the whole class counts on!   Independent and whole group practice!

counting on

Check out this post for more on counting on!

counting on

Then we will practice counting on with dice and doing some independent work!

Here’s a freebie for you!  An American symbols counting on recording sheet!

counting on

I also want to share some ideas for American Symbols since many classrooms will be remembering 9/11.

constitution day

american symbs september 11

constitution day

This week’s Mad Science Thursday is Dancing Colors!

kindergarten science lessons

kindergarten science activities

These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!

counting on

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