Subtracting And Halloween: Schedulin’ Sunday

This week we’re continuing   our Bats Research Project and learning about word families as well as introducing subtracting to 5!    Click the image to download my lesson plans!

subtraction lesson plans

 This week we’re working on  our Bats Research project!  We will learn about bats, where bats live and what they eat.  We will draw bats and label bats.  And we will do fun bat art projects and compare bats and birds! 

Our bats research project kicks off and wraps up with a  schema map!   This week we will add all of our new learning about bats and go back to our schema and address any misconceptions we have about bats!

bats kindergarten unit

 For the research part of our bats research project, we do a read aloud and record all of our information on our thinking maps and class charts!  The students then record the information in their bats research journal!  This week we’re doing a tree map about where bats live and what they eat and a bat word web.

 kindergarten bats lessons

For more bat fun check out this post!  (Tons of ideas, pictures and freebies!)

This week we are also reading Creepy Carrots and the new Creepy Pair Of Underwear!   We LOVE Creepy Carrots!  We read the story and then we make our own creepy carrots and our own creepy pair of underwear!

creepy carrots activities

This week we continue with our TKS BOOTCAMP CURRICULUM and  WORD FAMILY BOOTCAMP and learn to use our sounds from ABC BOOTCAMP to read and write word families!   This is when we apply ABC BOOTCAMP to blending words and reading and writing words!

tks bootcamp curriculum

word families word family bootcamp

Word Family BOOTCAMP works a little differently than ABC BOOTCAMP in that we do each of the word families for 2 days instead of 1.  Day 1 is a circle map where we come up with words for the word families and day 2 is when we build the words and write the words.  We do 2 word families each week.  Friday is a word family sort for an assessment!

Check out this blog post to see a video of WORD FAMILY BOOTCAMP in action!

Bat Freebies!

bats and spiders

Foodie Fun Friday:  Rice Krispy Monsters 

 cooking in kindergarten

Halloween Goodies!

If you’re looking for a super fun idea for your class Halloween party, check out these fun snacks!

class halloween party

Math-Subtracting To 5

This week we are introducing subtracting to 5!  We introduce subtraction as take away.   If you’re going to introduce subtraction as take away, then you must use Five Little Monkeys!  

five little monkeys subtraction

As we read the story, we act out the story and talk about subtraction and take away!  We talk about how the numbers get smaller.   And if you’re going to read Five Little Monkeys to introduce subtraction, then you have to dress as a monkey!

kindergarten subtraction

And we’re going giant bowling to practice taking away or subtraction to 5!

subtracting kindergarten

 This week’s Mad Science Thursday is Candy Corn Science!

This week’s Mad Science is candy corn science.  We will soak candy corn in vinegar, water and salt water to see what happens.  Before we soak the candy corn, we will make our hypotheses!

All of our science experiments are available in our Mad Science creation!

These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!

subtracting to 5

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