Holidays Around The World And Vowel Bootcamp: Schedulin’ Sunday

This week we’re kicking off  our  most epic research project and adventure of the year:  Holidays Around The World!!!  And we’re kicking off Vowel Bootcamp with short and long A as well as practicing subtracting to 5 with story problems!   Click the image to download my Holidays Around The World lesson plans!

christmas around the world kindergarten

 This week we’re embarking on our journey around the world with Holidays Around The World!  We will work on this research project until Christmas break.  Each day we will board SmorgieForceOne and jet off to a different country (using Google Earth!).  Each child gets a personalized airline ticket for each country and we get to stamp our passports for every country we visit!

holidays around the world kindergarten christmas around the world

We will read a story that ties into the traditions of each country and we will learn how to say Merry Christmas in the language of the country.  Then we complete our class chart and the students complete their country page in their research journal!

christmas kindergarten kindergarten christmas lesson plans

For each country we will also watch a video, do an art project and incorporate traditions into our day.  For example, we watch the Queen give her Christmas Day speech (which completely FASCINATES my class!), put out our shoes to be filled with candy and bust a pinata!


  Holidays Around The World Books:

Of course we’ll be doing some super fun and easy Holidays Around The World art projects:

This week we continue with our TKS BOOTCAMP CURRICULUM with  Vowel FAMILY BOOTCAMP!  We spend a week on each vowel.  We start with short and long vowels by sorting and listening to identify the vowel sound.  Then we move to our circle map.  Next we do word building and reading and finally word writing!

vowels kindergarten

Check out this blog post to see a video of VOWEL BOOTCAMP in action!

vowelsHolidays Around The World Freebie!


Foodie Fun Friday:  Tamales!

We have homemade tamales and chips and queso from Mexico!  We have Swiss Cake Rolls to represent Yule Logs from France, and Christmas Tree cakes to represent Germany!


For all of your Holidays Around The World lesson planning needs, check out this post for tons of resources, ideas, freebies and art projects!



Math-Subtracting To 5 with word problems

This week we are practicing subtraction to 5 with word problems.  We introduce word problems orally the first semester.  This is just meant to practice the idea that subtracting means take away and to work on learning subtraction words such as less, take away, how many less, etc.

We will use our Cookie Jar game and Get Off My boat game to practice subtraction!

Read Who Took The Cookies From The Cookie Jar and tell stories about taking cookies from the cookie jar to practice subtracting!  Use gingerbread man cookies for a festive twist!  Here’s a video of us adding cookies to the cookie jar!

This week we’re using these resources in our class this week:

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