Turkeys, Subtraction And Veteran’s Day: Schedulin’ Sunday

This week we’re kicking off  our Thanksgiving Research Project with turkeys and learning about word families as well as practicing subtracting to 5!    Click the image to download my turkey lesson plans!

thanksgiving kids

 This week we’re starting our Thanksgiving Research Project!  We will work on this research project until Thanksgiving learning about turkeys, Pilgrims, Native Americans and being thankful.  And we end this research project with a celebration of Stone Soup!   We learn all about turkeys, Pilgrims and Native Americans and do lots of fun art projects!

thanksgiving kindergarten

Our Thanksgiving research project kicks off and wraps up with a  schema map!  This research project is a little different because it covers turkeys, Pilgrims and Native Americans so we have 3 schema maps.  We will spend about a week on each section of the research project.

thanksgiving kindergarten activities turkeys

  For the research part of our turkeys research project, we do a read aloud and record all of our information on our thinking maps and class charts!  The students then record the information in their Thanksgiving research journal!  This week we’re doing a tree map about turkeys, labeling a turkey and writing about where turkeys live and what they eat!

thanksgiving kindergarten 

Of course we’ll be doing some super fun and easy turkeys art projects!

turkey art projects for kids

These adorable rainbow turkeys are from Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade!

turkeys art projects for kids

These interpretive or abstract turkeys are so much fun!  I give the kids strips of paper and let them make turkeys!   The results are too fun!

This week we continue with our TKS BOOTCAMP CURRICULUM and  WORD FAMILY BOOTCAMP and learn to use our sounds from ABC BOOTCAMP to read and write word families!   This is when we apply ABC BOOTCAMP to blending words and reading and writing words!

tks bootcamp curriculum

word families word family bootcamp

Word Family BOOTCAMP works a little differently than ABC BOOTCAMP in that we do each of the word families for 2 days instead of 1.  Day 1 is a circle map where we come up with words for the word families and day 2 is when we build the words and write the words.  We do 2 word families each week.  Friday is a word family sort for an assessment!

Check out this blog post to see a video of WORD FAMILY BOOTCAMP in action!

Turkey Freebies!

thanksgiving freebies

turkey emergent reader

Foodie Fun Friday:  Ranch Turkeys!

 kindergarten turkey snack

Math-Subtracting To 5

This week we are practicing subtracting to 5!  We introduce subtraction as take away.   We will be subtracting with candy corn, turkeys and playdough!   For candy corn, we will use paper plates and candy corn.  We will use short word problems to practice the idea of taking away.  (Pictures and posts to come this week!)

Then we will read 10 Fat Turkeys and act out word problems with turkeys to practice subtraction to 5!

And we will steal the cookies from the cookie jar!  We will make a giant cookie jar and giant cookies.  I will give the students an equation and they will take the cookies from the cookie jar to solve the equation!

Finally we will do SMASHIN’ subtraction in small groups!  For more on Smashin’ Subtraction, including a video, check out this post!

kindergarten subtraction

 Veterans’ Day

Read Hero Mom and Hero Dad and make a circle map about Veteran’s.  Write a thank you note to Veteran’s or active duty service members.

Marple painting and hero hats!   (Click the images to see a more detailed post about Veteran’s Day and get your free hats!)

veteran's day kindergarten activities

These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!

thanksgiving kindergarten activities

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