Money And Arctic Animals: Schedulin’ Sunday

Happy  Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we are researching and writing about arctic animals!  We’re also learning about money!

And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

  money activities kindergarten

Arctic Animals

The ‘staches will be using my Arctic Animals research creation to research and write about arctic animals.  We will learn about a different arctic animal each day.  We will read a book and watch a video for each animal as our research.  Then the ‘staches will use a tree map to record our learning.  We then use our tree map to write about each animal.  For each animal we also do an art project!

arctic animals

arctic animals

 arctic animals arctic animals

snowy owl art project arctic animals art walrus math

Polar Bear snack!

For more information on arctic animals, check out this post!

arctic animals

For information on penguins, check out this post!


This week we’re also continuing  Vowel Bootcamp!   This week is o_e words.  We sort words by the short or long vowel sounds, we create a circle chart of words, we build words, we read and write words!  kindergarten vowels

vowel bootcamp


In math, we are starting a new unit for us!  We’re learning  about money!  This is our first year with new standards and one of the few changes is the addition of money!  I’m excited because I love the opportunity to teach new things but I also think this is a valuable skill our kids need.  And since we teach skip counting applying that skill to money makes perfect sense!

money kindergarten lesson plans

My approach to teaching money starts with the big picture of why we need money.  And then we work on identifying coins and values.  Then we learn to count coins!  Of course, skip counting is a natural part of money because you need skip counting to count coins!  (Stay tuned for a blog post of our Math It Up! Money unit in action!)

Money Books:

Arctic Animal Freebies!

arctic animals



Arctic Animal Books

Resources for the week:

money kindergarten activities

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