Olympics Sight Words

I am a huge fan of the Olympics!  I just love all of the events and the stories and traditions.  Raise your hand if you’re an Olympics nerd??  THAT’S ME!  I love sharing that excitement with my students so I’m looking for fun and easy ways to bring the Olympics into kindergarten!   That’s where our Olympics sight words activity game from!   And it’s made with materials you probably already have!

olympics sight words

To make these Olympics sight words medals, you’ll need:

craft foam

aluminum foil


First, cut circles from craft foam.  I glued two circles together to make them a bit more durable.  Then I wrapped the circles in aluminum foil.  Finally I taped some ribbon to the bag of the medals.

Students use dry erase markers to write sight words on the medals.  Then they can wipe the word off and write another word!

I made 10 medals.  We put 5 into our literacy centers.  That leaves 5 for backups….just in case.  The kids loved these today!  I love that they were simple and cheap!

This Olympics sight words writing center is a targeted activity and is data driven.  I used our ESGI assessments to see our most missed sight words to make the words for this center!

To see why I love ESGI, check out this post:

For more Olympics fun, check out these creations:

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