Winter Olympics And Force And Motion: Schedulin’ Sunday

This week we are kicking off our Winter Olympics research project!  I am a HUGE  fan of the Olympics so I am so excited for this new research project and to celebrate the winter games with my class!   We are using the Olympics to learn about push and pull!  We are subtracting to 10 AND celebrating Valentine’s Day!

And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

kindergarten lesson plans winter olympics


Winter Olympics Research Project

The ‘staches will be using my Winter Olympic research creation to research and write about different Winter Olympics events!   We will learn about what each athlete needs, what they wear and what they can do!  This research project contains suggested books, recording sheets for each event as well as all the materials needed to create your research journal and graphic organizers!

We will be using the Winter Olympics to learn about push and pull.  The students will be using our push and pull research project to learn about force and motion.  We will apply that knowledge as we watch the Olympics.

force and motion kindergarten

We kick off our force and motion unit with….wait for it….the Hokey Pokey!  True story!  We do the hokey pokey and then we brainstorm all of the different types of movement!  Then we discuss if objects can move on their own and we make cars and trucks to graph our answers!

push and pull kindergarten

force and motion kindergarten

For more on our push and pull research project, check out this post!

This week we’re we are kicking off  BLENDS Bootcamp!  Each week we are focusing on a family of blends.  This week is R blends.  We will do our circle maps, blend and build words and write words!

blends and digraphs kindergarten

Math: Subtracting To 10

In math, we are working on subtracting to 10 and word problems!  We start off with very concrete practice using candy hearts!  I give the students candy hearts and tell them a story.  They use their candy to solve the subtraction to 10 word problem.  Then we move to the students solving written word problems by drawing pictures and writing equations.

adding to 10

We will also play our favorite math game:  Get Off My Boat!

kindergarten subtraction lesson

For Valentine’s Day ideas and resources, check out these posts!


Push And Pull Day Freebies!




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