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This week we are kicking off  our dinosaur unit with our dinosaurs research project!   We are also working on place value and continuing VOWEL TEAMS BOOTCAMP!

And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

kindergarten lesson plans

Dinosaur Research Project

The ‘staches will be using my Dinosaurs research creation to research and write about dinosaurs! This week will be all about dinosaurs in general.  Next week will be all about specific dinosaurs!  This research project contains suggested books, recording sheets for dinosaurs and each type of dinosaurs as well as all the materials needed to create your research journal and graphic organizers!  This 2 week dinosaur unit is aligned to the NGSS.

dinosaur activities kindergarten

As always, we kick off our dinosaur unit with a schema map!  We add our dinosaur schema to the chart and add new learning throughout our dino unit!

dinosaurs unit

As we learn about dinosaurs, we create different thinking maps to record our learning.  Then we use those thinking maps to write in our research journals!

But before we can learn about dinosaurs, we have to become paleontologists!  So we learn about paleontologists and the tools they use.  And then we get to use our tools to go on a fossil hunt!  We “excavate” our fossils with toothpicks and paint brushes!

paleontologists kindergarten

And of course, we do dinosaur art projects!

dinosaur art projects for kids

For more dinosaur ideas, activities and fun, check out this post:


Grab a free Emergent Reader about paleontologists. Just click the image below:

AND WE HAVE A MAJOR SURPRISE IN STORE FOR THIS YEAR’S DINOSAUR UNIT!  It’s pretty epic and I can’t wait to show ya’ll!!!

Book suggestions for your dinosaur unit:

This week we’re we are continuing our Vowel Teams Bootcamp!  This week is EE and EA words!  So that means circle maps, word building, word writing and sorting and it’s all included in Vowel Teams Bootcamp!

vowel teams

vowel pairs

And since we’re doing EE words….that means….WAIT FOR IT!…. It’s time for Sheep In A Jeep!

sheep in a jeepAnd sheep in a Jeep means…that we get to put THE SHEEP IN Mr. Greg’s JEEP!!!!!

sheep in a jeep

Bring Sheep In A Jeep into your classroom with my one of my newest creations!

Check out this fun video of last year’s Sheep In A Jeep!

Math: Place Value

In math, we are re-visiting place value!  This is a skill we work on daily during our calendar routine so this is just a chance to review and firm up our place value skills!

First up, we use our giant place value manipulatives to build and count numbers!  We also identify how many tens and ones!

place value

For more on how we made and used our place value manipulatives, check out this post!

For ideas and activities for St. Patrick’s Day, check out these posts:

Weekly Resources:

Easter And Spring Resources:

St. Patrick’s Day Resources:


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