Animals And Subtraction: Schedulin’ Sunday

This week we are entering week three of  our three week animals units with our ocean animals unit and our ocean research project!   We’re also using our zoo animals research with our zoo animals research project!  We are also working on subtraction to 10 with SUBTRACTION BOOTCAMP and continuing VOWEL TEAMS BOOTCAMP!

And as always you can download my lesson plans by clicking the image below!

kindergarten lesson plans

Zoo Animals  Research Project

kindergarten zoo animals

The ‘staches will be using my Zoo animals research creation to research and write about zoo animals!!  Each day we will learn about a different zoo animal.  We read a book about the animal, complete a tree chart, and label the parts of the animals.  The students write about the animal in their zoo research journals!

kindergarten zoo animals

This research project contains suggested books, recording sheets for each zoo animal as well as all the materials needed to create your research journal and graphic organizers!  This 2 week ocean unit is aligned to the NGSS.  (NOTE:  This research project was recently updated in much more user friendly design!)

kindergarten ocean unit animal theme kindergarten animals

We also do some fun art projects for each animals:

kindergarten ocean theme kindergarten zoo activitieskindergarten ocean activities

Book suggestions for your zoo animals unit:

For more information, ideas, resources and details on our ocean animals research project, check out this post:

For ideas and resources for our Zoo Animals Research Project, check out this post:

zoo theme kindergarten

 Zoo Animals Poem:

zoo week poem

This week we’re we are continuing our Vowel Teams Bootcamp!  This week is oo words!  So that means circle maps, word building,  and word writing.

vowel teams

vowel pairs

As part of our OO words week, we make our Spoon Words anchor chart!

oo words activities

We also read Everyone Poops and use Fruit Loops to make oo words!

kindergarten word work ideas

For more OO word work ideas, including a freebie, check out this post!

Math: Subtraction Bootcamp

In math, we are starting Subtraction BOOTCAMP!  This differentiated math curriculum involves whole group practice with subtraction to 10.  Then it also allows us to provide differentiated small group or individual activities.

tks bootcamp curriculum

First, we do a circle map whole group.  Students find the equations that equal the number on the circle map.

kindergarten adding to 10

Then, we do individual and small group work with differentiated activities.

First, for students who need some extra practice with adding, they will do individual circle maps!

For students who need a little challenge, we do our MISSION Subtraction activity!  Students go through each row and find the number pairs that equal the number when added!  They color the two numbers!

For more information on Subtraction BOOTCAMP, check out this post:


We’re also going to be doing these fun subtraction games:

Dealing Subtraction! And this week we’re going to be using our updated Dealin’ With Math creation to do small group subtraction practice using cards and we now have lots of fun centers for using our glittery cards!


And we’re going to play our Subtraction Toss game!   Check out this post for all the details on this fun and engaging game to practice subtraction!

kindergarten subtraction games

 Backwards Bootcamp:  End Of The Year Celebration

This week we’re continuing our BACKWARDS BOOTCAMP!  This is where we countdown the letters of the alphabet to celebrate our year together.  Ya’ll for real.  The last 26 days of school are here.  I can’t.  I just can’t.

This week:


R-wear red

Q-The Wedding Of Q and U


O-wear orange

For all of the details on our Backwards Bootcamp, check out this post!  This post also includes ideas, activities, and freebies for celebrating each letter of the alphabet!

end of the year activities

For all the details of our Q and U wedding, check out this post:

q and u wedding

Addition And Subtraction Resources:


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