Happy Schedulin’ Sunday!  This week we are wrapping up ABC BOOTCAMP with our final 3 letters!  I can’t believe we’re at the end of ABC BOOTCAMP!    We’re also introducing subtraction to 5 and kicking off our two week apple unit using our apple research project!

Lesson Plans For Letters And Sounds, Subtraction To 5 and Apples 

Here are our lesson plans for introducing letters and sounds and numbers!    Click the image to download my lesson plans!

apple unit



This week we are wrapping up ABC BOOTCAMP!!!!  ABC BOOTCAMP is a research based, classroom proven approach to introducing letters and sounds.  This is an intense and immersive experience in letters and sounds! We are continuing with our new order for ABC BOOTCAMP!  We are currently 10 days into ABC BOOTCAMP and the growth I’ve seen in my students in just 10 days is amazing!

ABC BOOTCAMP starts with circle charts.  This week we are learning Q, Y and Z!

kindergarten alphabet abc bootcamp letter circle maps

We also do handwriting for each letter.  I explicitly model how to form each letter and the students practice writing the letter using the included handwriting sheets.

For each letter, we also make a silly hat!  This is one of my favorite parts of ABC BOOTCAMP!  The hats are great at re-inforcing letters and sounds and they also provide daily fine motor practice and cutting practice!

This week is the end of ABC BOOTCAMP so we celebrate with certificates, dog tags and camouflage day!  The certificates are included in ABC BOOTCAMP!  The dog tags are from Amazon!

We have also using the newest piece of ABC BOOTCAMP:  the sound hunt!  These are a great small group tool to practice and reinforce the sound learned in the whole group lesson.

kindergarten phonics

And we are using the new ABC BOOTCAMP decodable readers and alphabet books!

For more on ABC BOOTCAMP, check out this blog post:

letters and sounds

Apple Unit:  Apple Research Project

This week we’re kicking off our two week apple unit using our Apple Research Project!

We kick off our apple unit with a schema map!  The students share their schema about apples!

apples kindergarten

We are going to make a tree map about apples and label the parts of an apple!

These are the books we’re reading this week:

For more apple fun and more ideas for your apple theme or apple unit, check out this apple post:

Foodie Fun Friday

Our Foodie Fun Friday this week will be an apple party!  We will taste different apple foods including applesauce, apple juice, apple butter, apple pie and more!


This week is also Talk Like A Pirate Day (September 19) so we’re celebrating with pirate day!

We read Pirates love Underpants and make a tree map about pirates.  We learn to speak like pirates and make handprint pirates!

talk like a pirate day

And of course we dress the part!

pirates kindergarten

Pirate hats and eye patches are from Amazon!

For more pirate ideas and pirate freebies, check out this post!


In math we are …..wait for it….introducing subtraction to 5!  TRUE STORY!  Our district scope and sequence has included subtraction to 5 in the first 9 weeks for years.  And the kids do amazingly well!  We simply introduce subtraction as taking away.    We kick off Subtraction with everyone’s favorite:  Five Little Monkeys!

After reading the story we act out the story to practice subtraction as take away!   And of course….we dress the part!

This year we’re also reading Ten Sly Piranhas and using goldfish to practice subtraction to five!

Mad Science Thursday

This week our  Mad Science science experiment is dancing apple seeds!

kindergarten science lessons

kindergarten science


apple poem

These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!


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