SmorgieVision: A Day In The Life… October 2018

One of the unique things about our classroom is our ability to share our students and our experiences with you.  You see, we have admin and parent/family permission to share students.  We have learned over the years that our families and students LOVE to see what’s happening in our classroom.  The families love getting to experience their student’s kindergarten journey.  And of course, we love sharing our adventures with all of you.

Several years ago, we purchased our first GoPro camera.  One day I had a bright idea to strap the GoPro to a kid and turn them loose.  Ya’ll…the results were epic.  And eye opening.  And HILARIOUS.    After doing a couple of those “day in the life” videos, we started getting tons of requests for more.  So each year, we’ve tried to bring you some “day in the life” experiences.


A Day In The Life…

Here’s how it works.  I strap the GoPro onto the student.  And turn them loose.  In the past, I’ve controlled when the camera records and when it doesn’t.  But this year I am giving that responsibility to the student wearing the camera.  That means, they are in charge of what you see, hear and experience!

At the end of the day, I sit down at the computer, put the videos into iMovie and upload the final product to YouTube and right here to share with ya’ll.  There is now editing of the videos.  What you see if what happened and how it happened.  And you see it all from the student’s perspective.  You get to experience THEIR day in our classroom.

So, sit back, relax and take a Dramamine if you get motion sickness as we kick off our “Day In The Life”  video series for 2018-2019.   Everyone meet Will….and enjoy A Day In The Life Of Will!




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