Spider Sight Words!

I’m always looking for simple, fun, and engaging games to play to review and practice skills, including sight words or high-frequency words.   This spider sight words game is perfect for Halloween and the fall!  In this game, we build automaticity and we use our decoding strategies to read, spell, and write sight words.

You see what happened was I was shopping at Target and I saw this giant spider web so of course, I bought it.  Then I wrote our sight words on purple paper.   The great thing about this game is that you can use sight words, letters, sounds, numbers, or shapes.   You can put any skill onto the paper and practice the skill using this game.   We know teachers love simple and fun games and activities that can be used for many skills and standards and this is another perfect example!

spider sight words

spider sight words

In the past, we used a stuffed spider from Scentsy, and this year we used a big glittery spider from Dollar Tree!

sight word games

science of reading sight words

When the spider lands on a sight word, we pick the word up off the spiderweb and read the word. We use our sounds to blend the word, we spell the word and write the word!

reading-spider-sight-words spider-sight-word-game

Spider Sight Word Game

Check out this video to see the spider sight word game in full swing!

If you’re looking for more sight word resources, check out these creations!

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