Schedulin Sunday: CVC Words, Shapes, Room On The Broom, and Halloween

It’s Schedulin Sunday! This week is a short week because of family/teacher conferences on Friday! This week we’re wrapping up our Spiders Research Project, reading Room On The Broom, and working on 2D shapes and CVC words with Word Family Bootcamp. And Thursday is picture day!

Lesson Plans

As always, you can download our weekly lesson plans by clicking on the image!

You can get our EDITABLE lesson plan template by clicking on the image below:

Phonics And Phonemic Awareness Word Family Bootcamp

We are following our required foundational skills curriculum. And we are supplementing with our TKS BOOTCAMP Word Family Bootcamp! Our foundational skills curriculum really starts to focus on segmenting, word chaining and blending, and writing words using sounds. This is exactly what we do with our science of reading aligned Word Family Bootcamp! Each week we do two-word families. Day 1 is a circle chart that includes segmenting sounds, spelling words, and blending words. Day 2 is word building and writing which is more segmenting, more spelling, and more blending with a focus on writing the words so we’re mapping the sound to the spelling.

We also use our decodable texts in small groups to work on the skills in text.

Reading Comprehension-Rap A Tap Tap

This week we are using our required reading curriculum by reading the book Rap A Tap Tap. This is a fantastic story about Bojangles and is one I highly recommend! We supplement with our Read It Up! resource. We are required to do 3 lessons a week so that’s what we do. We focus on the “learn” section of each lesson and use our Read It Up! to scaffold and support student learning!

This week we’re acting out the story by doing some tap dancing, and working on rhyming words.

Spiders Research Project

This week we wrap our month-long celebration of all things Halloween with our Spiders Research Project!

We will do our true-false sort. These sorts are a key part of our research projects because it builds critical thinking skills and language skills. Students identify each statement as true or false. If the statement is false, they have to explain why it’s false.

And finally, we revisit our schema map and add all our new learning and address any misconceptions.

We will also do a new fun spider art project using a potato masher! Basically we dip the masher into paint and press it onto the paper. We add legs and eyes! Stay tuned for pictures.


This year our district is using Illustrative Math as our math curriculum. We will be completing those lessons and supplementing them heavily with our Shapes Bootcamp to supplement! We’re focusing on identifying shapes, sorting shapes, comparing and contrasting shapes, and finding shapes around us!

This week we are sorting rectangles, building shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows and making shape monsters!

The rectangle sort is from our math curriculum. We use our Shapes Bootcamp materials to make it happen in a very easy and fun way. Students pick a shape from the bag. We identify the shape and if it is a rectangle or not a rectangle. The students also explain why it’s a rectangle or not a rectangle and we glue it on our chart. This picture shows this activity with triangles.

We will build shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows! This is such a great hands-on lesson to help students understand the sides and vertices of shapes!

And finally, we wrap up our shapes week with SHAPE MONSTERS! Students work with a partner to create their shape monster. Then they share their shape monster with the class and we discuss how many sides and vertices each shape has. We use this information to create our shapes anchor chart!

Make sure to grab your Shape Monster freebie by clicking on the image!

Read It Up: Room On The Broom

It’s Halloween week so we’re celebrating all week with read alouds and art projects! Room On The Broom is always a class favorite and I like how well it works for sequencing and rhyming words!

We will do a directed drawing of a witch and our favorite, a foot painting of a witch.


If you’re looking for Halloween resources and ideas, we have you covered!

Check out the blog posts linked at the end of the post for more Halloween ideas and resources!

Mad Scientist Thursday

This week we’re going to make monster slime! We will make slime, add green food coloring, and googly eyes! Easy and fun!

And yes, you must dress the part!

Morning Meeting

Greeting-pumpkin greeting! Place picture cards for each child into a plastic pumpkin. Pick a card, find the person and greet them.

Activity-find the clothespin. Clip the clothespin on a child. When you see the clothespin you sit down.


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