I wanted to share our arachnophobia inducing spider research unit with you and share the fun and learning we had during our 2 weeks of spiders!   The ‘staches were so engaged and excited learning about spiders and they learned so much!!!

 I know ya’ll are here looking for Schedulin’ Sunday…but…We’re on a week long Fall Break so I’m not doing any schedulin’ today!  Instead we’re sharing our Spider Research Project!

And did you happen to notice anything new and different?!?!  The Kindergarten Smorgasboard got a major makeover.  A major nip and tuck!   What do you think?!


We kicked off spiders with a schema map.  Like we always do with our research projects!  We use Post It Notes so we can move our thoughts around as we organize our learning!  As we go through our spider research unit we add learning and move any misconceptions!  This is a very visual way for students to organize their learning and it’s very engaging!   My ‘staches know that our schema is what we already know about something.  Using the big vocabulary is so necessary!



We use read alouds and thinking maps to conduct our research!   As we read, we complete our tree maps, labeling and true false sorts!



As we are completing our thinking maps and class charts, the students are also completing their own pages in their research journals!


The students then use their new spider knowledge to write about spiders!

spider writing      spider-writing

We use the writing and a spider art project to create a spider display in our hallway!


We also do lots of spider art, science and snacks!   No research project is complete without food and science and art!     I mean who doesn’t want to eat a spider?!

Spider Slime!   Water, clear glue, and liquid starch.  Add in plastic spiders from Target.  Instant fun and excitement!


Spider Science Spider Slime

We made Spider snacks using Oreos and pretzels!


And lots of art projects because I believe no classroom is complete without art work.  MAKE ALL THE ART!   And spiders are less creepy if it’s cute kid art….just sayin…


Paper plate spiders with sparkly legs!   I bought monster googly eyes at Dollar Tree and we used those for the eyes.  We used silver sparkly (GLITTER ALL THE THINGS!) pipe cleaners for the legs!


These spiders were so easy.  We just used rectangles and cut them into oval shapes and glued on 8 legs!


The handprint spiders are my favorite!   These turned out so cute.  My student teacher did an amazing job with the spider webs too!   We used the googly eyes from the Dollar Tree again!

Spider Centers

Of course there are spiders in our math and literacy centers!



For spider freebies, check out this post!



Spider Counting Cards FREEBIE!





And of course you can check out our Halloween and Fall resources in our classroom!  These will be getting  a lot of use in our classroom all October long!

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