Shapes Bootcamp is one of the components of our TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum. When we learn about shapes, we split 2D and 3D shapes into different parts of the school year but we use Shapes Bootcamp for both. This blog post is going to show you how we use Shapes Bootcamp and it’s going to include additional ideas and activities for learning about shapes.

Shapes Bootcamp

When learning about shapes, Shapes Bootcamp is how we explicitly teach each shape and the attributes of that shape. We use our shape word webs to identify how many sides, how many vertices, 2D/3D, and real-life objects for the shape. We do one shape word web a day. Again, this provides explicit instruction for each individual shape. After we complete this chart, we do a shape lesson or activities for all the shapes.

Here is a video of Shapes Bootcamp in action:

In this video, you see us using a PowerPoint to review the shapes as well. This is a quick daily practice that we use during Shapes Bootcamp and throughout the year as a review!

Shapes Bootcamp also has an anchor chart included. The anchor chart is filled in using our Shape Monsters/Shape People activity.

The students make a Shape Monster and then they share their monster with the class. We identify the shape, count the sides and vertices or corners. Then we list real-life objects for each shape.

Grab your Shape Monster freebie here:

We also do shape sorting during SHAPES BOOTCAMP! We do a whole group sort and then students do their own sorting. We have also done the individual shape sort as a pre-assessment tool and a post-assessment tool. That’s the beauty of our TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum! There are so many tools and pieces included that it provides so much flexibility to meet the needs of all students!

Shapes Bootcamp also contains activities for centers and small group work!

Shape Activities

These hands-on shape activities are not included in Shapes Bootcamp but are great lessons and activities for learning about shapes!

Shape Building. This lesson is very collaborative and provides some STEM experience. Students are given a piece of string. I direct them to make a shape with 6 sides (or any number of sides). Then they have to solve the problem on their own to make the shape.

Shape building with toothpicks and marshmallows is always a fun, hands-on activity for shapes. I direct students to build a shape by name. Example: I would say build a triangle. They would build a triangle. I might also say build me a shape with 3 sides. This can be a challenging activity but the kids love it and it’s a great STEM activity!

Shape art projects are another fun way to learn about shapes. This art project is inspired by Kandinsky, a Russian artist. Students choose the shape they want to make and position the shapes to make their picture. In this lesson, you can also incorporate position words. I would say: “put the biggest shape on the bottom.” You could do position words before they glue the shapes to complete their art.

Shape Party

We wrap up Shapes Bootcamp with a shape party! For our shape party, we eat snacks that represent the various shapes. You can do 2D and 3D shapes or you can do separate shape parties! You can provide the snacks or have families send in snacks! We identify the shape, identify the attributes of the shape and sort the shapes! Then we EAT!

Shape Read Alouds

Click the image to see our INCLUSIVE shape read alouds!


Additional Shape Activities

Shape Freebies

To get the PowerPoint we use in the video, click the images:

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