Guess The Shape: Shape Recognition Game

In our classroom, we use Shapes Bootcamp to learn about shapes. We also like to play different shape games to help us learn our shapes. Guess The Shape is a simple and engaging game that your kids will love!

Guess The Shape

To play this game you need some shapes. We used pattern blocks. You can also print shapes to use but blocks work better. You’ll need a bag to put the shapes in and a recording sheet. Don’t worry! You can grab a free recording sheet at the end of the post!

Put the shapes into a bag or box or any kind of container. We used a paper bag that we had in our classroom and it worked great.

Students have their recording sheet. You reach into the bag and DESCRIBE a shape by its attributes. How many sides do you feel….how many vertices do you feel….are the sides the same or different? Students identify the shape by its attributes. Once they identify the shape, pull the shape out of the bag. Students identify the shape, find a shape on their paper, and color the shape. You can also have them share real-life objects that are that shape. Continue until all the shapes are colored in.

Click on the image below for your free recording sheet!

Here is a video of my class playing Guess The Shape!

Shape Read Alouds

We love to use read-alouds to start our math lessons. One of the missions of TKS is to make every classroom SAFE and INCLUSIVE of EVERYONE. The easiest way for teachers to make classrooms inclusive is with their books. We have worked very hard the last few years to make an inclusive library part of our classroom so we are sharing books that can help you make your library inclusive! Click the image to see our shape book suggestions on YouTube!

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