Pumpkins: Schedulin’ Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday!  This week we are kicking off our Pumpkins Research Project!  And we are continuing with the next component of our TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum:  Word Family Bootcamp!  And we’re starting to learn about Money with our Math It Up:  Money unit!

Lesson Plans For Word Family Bootcamp, Pumpkins, And Money

Here are our lesson plans for introducing letters and sounds and numbers!    Click the image to download my lesson plans!

kindergarten lesson plans

Word Family BOOTCAMP

This week we are continuing WORD FAMILY BOOTCAMP!  Word Family Bootcamp works a little differently than ABC BOOTCAMP.  We still create circle maps for the word families, but we do a word family for 2 days.  Day 1 is the circle map.  Day 2 is building, reading and writing the words!  This week is -op and -ot words!


During small groups, we’re using the Word Family Bootcamp Decodable readers to work on our decoding and blending skills!  These books have been a huge hit with the kids and have really boosted their confidence in reading and writing words!

word families kindergarten

For more on Word Family Bootcamp, check out this post!

Pumpkins Research Project

This week we’re starting our two week Pumpkin Research Project.  As with most of our research projects, we start with our schema map.  Students provide the schema (or what they know) and we add to our schema map.  As we learn about pumpkins, we add new learning to our schema map.

This week we will do a pumpkins tree map and a brace map for the parts of a pumpkin!  As we complete our learning students will use the class anchor charts to complete their Pumpkin Research Journal!

For more pumpkins fun and learning, check out our post all about pumpkins!

This week we’re also celebrating Creepy Pair Of Underwear Day!

We are using our Read It Up:  Creepy Pair Of Underwear creation to work on comprehension and retelling of the story.  We will also do some graphing and make our own creepy pair of underwear.  Plus, Mr. Greg has a little surprise planned!

creepy pair of underwear

To get an idea of what we have planned for Creepy Pair Of Underwear, check out our post on Creepy Carrots!

Math:  Math It Up: Money

In math we are starting our Money unit using our Math It Up:  Money resource!  The kids will make their own money journals as we learn about why we need money and learn to identify coins and their value!

kindergarten money activities

We start off reading Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday and discuss why we need money.  This helps us make real life connections to a new skill!

kindergarten money

We also make a tree map to learn coin names and values!  After we make it whole group, the students do their own tree map in their money journal!

teaching money kindergarten money unit

Then we do a money sort.  We actually do two sorts:  a heads sort and a tails sort!

Mad Science Thursday

This week our  Mad Science science experiment is Disappearing Ghosts!

You will need biodegradable packing peanuts for this experiment!   You can get them here:

kindergarten science

These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!


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