Sight Word Practice

I am always looking for ways to engage my students at all levels.  That means I am always looking for games and activities that can challenge my students.  This is especially true for sight words and those students who have mastered all 100 sight words.  That’s where this sight word game comes in!  It’s great sight word practice but a little twist makes it a challenging game to challenge my students.  Plus it has a little STEM and some fine motor skills included!

Sight Word Practice:  Sight Word Stack

sight word practice

You will need some pool noodles and a paper towel holder from Dollar Tree.  No pool noodles just laying around?  (WHAT?  You mean, you don’t keep a supply of pool noodles around?!  No?  That’s just me?!  Oh Ok….) You can grab some pool noodles from Amazon!

Sight Word Practice:  Make Your Sight Word Stack

To make the game, I first looked at our ESGI data and pulled out the most missed words.  That makes this data driven, targeted sight word practice!

Then, I printed the words from our Green And Orange Sentence Strip Sight Words.

Next, I cut the pool noodles into 2 inch sections using a regular, serrated kitchen knife.  I also made a slit on the slide so the pool noodle can “snap” onto the paper towel rack.

Then I wrote 1 letter per 2 inch section.  For my list I made 67 pieces and wrote 67 letters to build 20 sight words.

Sight Word Stack:  How It Works

Here’s the challenging part of the game:  the words are build backwards!  Yep.  That’s why I will only use this for my students who have mastered all of the words.

Students simply choose a card, read the sight word and stack.  After they stack they can read and write the word!

sight word practice

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