Valentine’s Day Sight Words

In our classroom, sight words are important.  We work very hard on learning all 100 sight words required by our district.  I am a firm believer in the power of sight words for our readers and writers.  If you read the research, sight words are vital to our students as they learn to read and write.  And ignoring the research, I see it in our classroom every year.  The more sight words a student knows, the better they are at reading and writing.  The sight words help them build comprehension and give them confidence to decode unknown words.  So, we are always looking for ways to practice and assess sight words.

That’s where our Valentine’s Day sight words activity, A Sight Word Bouquet, was born!

valentine's day sight words

valentine's day sight words

Valentine’s Day Sight Words:  Practice

We use our Valentine’s Day sight words activity as a recognition and practice project!  I print only the words that we have taught.  Each student is assessed 1 on 1.  I call them to my table and we go through the words.  If they read the word in 3 seconds, I put a red mark on that rose.  If they don’t read the word, we leave it blank.  After we assess, the students take the pages and color the words they read.  I explain that they only color the roses with the red dots or red marks.

kindergarten sight words assessment

After we finish coloring, we cut out the roses.  Students then glue their roses on the vase to make a bouquet of sight words!

kindergarten sight words

We then put our Bouquet Of Sight Words  in the hallway to display our sight words knowledge!

The Display

Now, let’s have a quick chat about this.  We get lots of questions about this display and how it might affect students.  So here’s how we approach this:

First, the names are on the back so no one knows who the bouquets belong to.  No students are identified.

Second, we spend a lot of time in our class talking about how we are all different and we all learn differently and THAT IS OK!   When we finish the one on one assessment, we chat about things we can do to learn more words and get more roses.  Not only are we assessing, but we’re also using this as opportunity to encourage our students and talk to them about what they can do and WHAT WE CAN DO AS TEACHERS to help them be more successful!

You can get our A Bouquet of Sight Words activity below!  This includes 200 words from the Dolch and Fry list and IS EDITABLE so you can add your own words!

valentine's day sight words

For more information on how we teach sight words, check out our Sight Word 60 routine!

For more information on the glue sponges being used, check out this post:

glue sponges

valentine's day sight words

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