Weather Forecast: Schedulin Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday!  This week we are continuing our Weather Research Project with a weather forecast, continuing Vowel Bootcamp to learn about vowels,  working on addition and subtraction  story problems.

Lesson Plans For Weather Forecast, Vowels, And Story Problems

   Click the image to download my lesson plans!

kindergarten lesson plans

Morning Meeting

This week our morning greeting is ice skating!   We use paper plates to ice skate to greet our friends!

For more morning meeting greeting ideas, check out our  Morning Meeting Greeting Resource.

morning meeting greeting ideas

For morning meeting activities, check out our  Quiz Quiz Trade.  You can find our Quiz Quiz Trade resource here!

quiz quiz trade

TKS BOOTCAMP:  Vowel Bootcamp And Vowels

This week we are continuing our Vowel Bootcamp!  This week we’re focusing on long O and CVC-E words as we are learning about vowels!   As with all of our TKS BOOTCAMPs we start with a circle map.  Then we move to word building, then word writing and then we do a word match.  Our decodable readers are incorporated in small groups throughout the week!


For more details on how Vowel Bootcamp works and how we work with vowels,  (including a video), check out this post!

For some fun, engaging Vowel centers check out our What Does The Fox Say CVC-E Centers!

Weather Research Project

In keeping with our district’s scope and sequence, we’re continuing our weather research project!  This year our main focus of our weather research project (aside from learning about types of weather) will be a weather log.  Each day we will write and draw what the weather is so we can study trends and patterns.  This will culminate in our kids creating their own forecast!

This week we’re finishing our Weather Observation Logs.  We will spend a few days doing these whole group and then it will become a more independent daily activity for the students.

weather observation log

This week we are learning about meteorologists and weather forecasting.   We will then use the  data and patterns we notice from our weather observation journals  to create our own five day weather forecast!

weather forecast
Then we use our green screen technology to become a meteorolgost!

 For more details on our Weather Research Project, check out this post:

For more on our green screen projects, check out this post:

Math:  Addition  And Subtraction Story Problems

In math we will be working on addition story problems!  We will be doing whole group practice and independent practice!  We use concrete manipulatives first.  Then we start using drawings  and finally we write equations.  We move from concrete to more abstract and more independent work!  This week is dinosaur story problems!  Next week will be unicorns!

kindergarten story problems

Mad Science Thursday

This week our  Mad Science science experiment is making snow slime!

Foodie Fun Friday

This week we will be making snow cones for our snack!  Our school has a snow cone machine so we can’t wait to make 160 snow cones for kindergarten!


These are the creations we are using in our classroom this week!

Lesson plans for weather, creating a weather forecast, vowels, and story problems!


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