Paper Plate Puzzles

Raise your hand if you use paper plates in the classroom? What? No paper plates? People, you’re missing out. Paper plates are cheap and durable and are perfect for center games and center activities. Today we’re showing you our simple paper plate puzzles!

Paper Plate Puzzles

Recently we were on an adventure at Dollar Tree and we came across these adorable fruit plates in the summer section. As soon as I laid eyes on them I knew they were going to be used to make paper plate puzzles for our centers!

So these paper plates are actually half plates. How cool is that? That makes paper plate puzzles even easier…no cutting!

Paper Plate Puzzles For Literacy

Making these puzzles is simple. You need plates, dot stickers and a Sharpie.

We made an alphabet matching center and a sight word matching center with our paper plates.

Simply write uppercase and lowercase letters on dot stickers. Stick them to the plates. Just make sure the plates are turned the right way so they can match up.

Students simply match the letters or sight words to make a whole piece of fruit!

paper plate puzzles
paper plate centers

Paper Plate Puzzles Math

For math, we made a simple number recognition game.

The great thing about these puzzles is that you an add a recording sheet and have them write the letters, numbers, words, etc. You can have them match, build and write the sight words. And this idea works for all skills and it even works with regular paper plates. You just have to cut them in half.

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