Subitizing Cards And Cups

My class is obsessed with stacking cups. I love stacking cups because it’s academic and also gives them a STEM challenge as they stack the cups. My class is also obsessed with subitizing. I love subitizing because it’s a powerful math kill for kids. So why not combine counting, subitizing cards and stacking cups for a higher order thinking activity?

Subtilizing Cards And Cups

This was a simple activity to make. You’ll need:

clear plastic cups

Dot stickers-We found ours on Amazon.

number cards-free file below

You will need 11 cups so you can make submitting cups for numbers 0-10.

I simply placed the dot stickers onto the cups.

That’s it. BAM! All that’s left to do is print the cards and you have your subitizing cards and cups ready to go!

Students will choose a card and use the cups to build the stack they see on the card! They are working on number recognition, subitizing and counting and engineering skills!

I differentiated the cards so you can work on subitizing and counting to 5 and 10.

subitizing cards

Grab your free subitizing and number cards here:

We work on subitizing skills weekly using our cards and videos! Check out the posts below for more subitizing fun!

Credit: The Harmony Tree House

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