Happy Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we’re continuing to read fairy tales with Little Red Riding Hood and starting Vowel Bootcamp! We’re working on adding to 10 with snowballs and learning about arctic animals!

Red Riding Hood Lesson Plans

Here are our lesson plans for the week!

“>Simply click the image to download our lesson plans for Red Riding Hood.

AND….our lesson plans are now clickable! You can click on any book or resource and go directly to that creation or book!

Arctic Animals Research Project

This week we are starting our Arctic Animals Research Project!  Each day we learn about an animal using a read aloud.  We record our learning using a graphic organizer.  Studetns then write about the animal in their research journal.

For more details and ideas for your Arctic Animal Research project, visit this post:

Vowel Bootcamp

Then we are kicking off Vowel Bootcamp! Our focus is on CVC-E words. We do one vowel a week. Monday is a circle chart, Tuesday is word building, Wednesday is word writing in whole group using whiteboards. Thursday the students do word writing on their own. Friday students do a word/picture match.

For more on Vowel Bootcamp, including videos of Vowel Bootcamp in action, check out this post:

Read It Up: Little Red Riding Hood

This week we are starting our fairytale unit with Little Red Riding Hood. We read different versions of the story, retell the story, compare and contrast the stories and write about our favorite version!

For more on our Read It Up! comprehension resources, check out this post:

Math: Adding To 10

This week we’re working on adding to 10 using snowballs!

Monday we will throw snowballs at a hoop. We will add how many snowballs in the hoop and outside the hoop. Monday will be me writing the equations and students providing the answers. Tuesday will be the same game but students will write the equations on whiteboards. Wednesday will be small group practice using cotton balls as snowballs.

Foodie Fun Friday And Mad Science Thursday

Mad Science Thursday is Snow Slime! We simply make white slime and add glitter!

Foodie Fun Friday will be a polar bear snack! We use vanilla ice cream cups, Vanilla wafers, and chocolate chips!

FREE Poem And Emergent Reader

These are the creations we are using this week:

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