Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution: Schedulin Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we’re headed back to the classroom and kicking off a new year with Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution! We’re also doing fairytales with Goldilocks And The Three Bears and working on counting! And really, we’re focusing on relationships, procedures, and routines!

Lesson Plans

Here are our lesson plans for the week! Simply click the image to download our lesson plans for Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolutio and more!

AND….our lesson plans are now clickable! You can click on any book or resource and go directly to that creation or book!

Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution

This week we are celebrating the new year with the story Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution!  We will use our Read It Up! creation to learn about resolutions and write our own resoltuions  And we’re having a new year’s party!

Squirrel's New Year's Resolution

Before reading the book we make predictions and record them on our graphic organizer. After reading we record what happened and discuss our predictions. Then we make a story map to help us organize our thinking.

Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution: Writing

Then we discuss resolutions. We turn and talk to share resolutions and we record all of our ideas on our circle chart. Students then write their own new year’s resolution!

squirrel's new year's resolution
squirrel's new year's resolution

And we party! We watch the ball drop, we countdown. There’s confetti, hats, a balloon drop AND a sparkling cider toast!

Squirrel's New Year's Resolution

For more on our classroom new year party, check out this post for all the details, videos and more fun ideas!

Squirrel's new Year's Resolution

Christmas Read It Up: Goldilocks And The Three Bears

This week we are starting our fairytale unit with Goldilocks And The Three Bears. We read different versions of the story, retell the story, compare and contrast the stories and write about our favorite version!

For more on our Read It Up! comprehension resources, check out this post:

Math: Counting

This week we’re reviewing numbers and counting and working on counting to 100!

We will be counting bears in caves by putting bear counters in bowls.

We’re going to work on 1 to 1 correspondence by framing famous pieces of artwork. Each student will receive a printed piece of artwork and counting cubes. They will frame the piece and count how many cubes they used!

For our counting collection this week we will use cubes and a 100 chart to work on counting to 100!

We’re also using Number Bootcamp for some small group review activities!

For more details on Number Bootcamp, check out this post:

Foodie Fun Friday And Mad Science Thursday

Mad Science Thursday is all about “bouncing” into a new year by making bouncy balls! True story, ya’ll! We make our own bouncy balls! To get the recipe CLICK HERE!

Foodie Fun Friday will be porridge. Obviously. And by porridge we simply mean oatmeal!

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These are the creations we are using this week:

Squirrel's New Year's Resolution

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