Sight Word Practice With Unicorns

As teachers, we all know how important sight words are to our students. Most of what we read is made of sight words, so the more sight words we know, the more we can read. In our classroom, we love sight words and we’re always thinking of new sight word practice ideas. And we love unicorns, so why not use unicorns for practicing sight words?

Unicorn Sight Words

This sight word game involves reading, writing and sorting sight words. For this activity, you need inflatable unicorn drink floats and pink Solo cups. Actually any color works! These are available on Amazon!

Sight Words: Sorting Words

To set up the game, simply inflate the unicorns. Place the cups into the inflatables. Attach cards with your sight words for the week onto the cups. We use Velcro dots so it’s easy to change out the cards each week.

sight word practice

You will also need word cards. We use this sight word center weekly to practice the four words we learn each week. And yes, we use sparkly unicorn poop cards. The sorting cards are unicorns, the word cards are unicorn poop. Everything is stored in a plastic box so students just grab the box and get to work.

sight word practice

We use this Velcro all the time and it’s perfect for this sight word game!

Sight Word Practice

To play, students choose a card, read the word, write the word and sort the word into the correct cup.

sight word practice

Here’s a video of this sight word activity in action:


Ready to do some unicorn sight words in your class? Grab your freebie here! (NOTE: This is the file that I use in my classroom. It has been created for my classroom using our sight words. It is not editable and won’t be changed/updated. We’re just offering it as a fun freebie so you can easily implement this activity in your classroom! Click the image to download your freebie!

sight word practice

For more on how we teach sight words, check out Sight Word 60!

sight word practice

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