Three Little Pigs: Schedulin Sunday

Happy Schedulin’ Sunday! This week we’re continuing to read fairy tales with The Three Little Pigs and continuing Vowel Bootcamp! We’re working on subtracting to 10 with pirates and learning about penguins!

Three Little Pigs Lesson Plans

Here are our lesson plans for the week! Simply click the image to download our lesson plans for Three Little Pigs

AND….our lesson plans are now clickable! You can click on any book or resource and go directly to that creation or book!

three little pigs

Penguins Research Project

This week we are starting our Penguins Research Project!   We start with a schema map then each day we use a read aloud and/or video to learn about penguins.  Using a read alouds, we create a tree chart and write about penguins.  To learn vocabulary, we label penguins.  And of course we eat a penguin snack and more!

Our penguin snack is a Townhouse cracker, cream cheese, black olives and carrots!

Here’s a fun penguin art project that also teaches kids about symmetry!

Fold the paper, students squirt paint on half the paper. Close. Rub. And you have a symmetrical penguin.

For more details and ideas for your Penguins Research project, visit this post:

Vowel Bootcamp

Then we are continuing Vowel Bootcamp! Our focus is on CVC-E words. We do one vowel a week. Monday is a circle chart, Tuesday is word building, Wednesday is word writing in whole group using whiteboards. Thursday the students do word writing on their own. Friday students do a word/picture match.

For small group work, we use our Vowel Bootcamp decodable readers!

For more on Vowel Bootcamp, including videos of Vowel Bootcamp in action, check out this post:

Read It Up: Three Little Pigs

This week we are continuing our fairytale unit with The Three Little Pigs. We read different versions of the story, retell the story using words and pictures, write about our favorite version and compare and contrast the stories.

three little pigs
three little pigs
three little pigs

For more on our Read It Up! comprehension resources, check out this post:

three little pigs

If you’re looking for a non-fiction unit about pigs to incorporate with your Three Pigs unit, check out our Pigs Research Project!

three little pigs

Math: Subtracting To 10

This week we’re working on subtracting to 10 using pirates!

Tuesday and Wednesday we will play Get Off My Boat. On Tuesday, I will write the equations and we will solve them. Wednesday the students will be writing the equations. To play, put some kids on the boat. Make some kids get off the boat. BAM! Subtraction!

For more details and video of Get Off My Boat, check out this post:

For small group work in math, we’re using our Walk The Plank Pirate Subtraction Resource!

Foodie Fun Friday And Mad Science Thursday

Mad Science Thursday is Snow Slime! We simply make white slime and add glitter!

Foodie Fun Friday will be a polar bear snack! We use crackers, cream cheese, carrots and black olives!

FREE Poem And Emergent Reader

three little pigs
three little pigs

These are the creations we are using this week:

three little pigs

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