Activities For Kids: Learning At Home

Learning at home doesn’t have to be scary and overwhelming. There are so many activities for kids that can be made and done in just a few minutes! We’re sharing some of our ideas for keeping your kids learning and easing your stress! And the best thing about the activities we’re sharing: they can be used for most skills!

Activities For Kids: Sight Words

Sight words are a powerful tool for our young readers. The good news is that sight words are easy to practice at home! Here are some sight words activities for kids:

Sight Word Hunt:

To make a sight word hunt, you’ll just need some sticky notes or paper, pencil or pen, and tape. Simply write sight words on paper or sticky notes. Hang the words up around your house. Your kids find the words, read the words and write the words!

activities for kids

For more details on this activity, check out this post:

activities for kids

Muffin Pan Sight Words

You will need: paper or sticky notes, a muffin pan and a small object such as a ping pong ball to toss into the muffin pan.

To play: label the openings in the muffin pan with sight words using paper and tape or sticky notes. Kids toss an object. When it lands in an opening they read and write the word. Click the image below for more details on this game!

activities for kids
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Activities For Kids: Giant Memory Game

For this game, you’ll need paper plates or you can use paper. You will need to make 2 sets of pieces for whatever skill you’re working on. If you want to practice letters, make 2 plates (or 2 pieces of paper) with each letter. Place the pieces face down. Turn over two pieces at a time to see if you have a match!

activities for kids

Addition Board Game

Here’s a fun way to use playing cards to practice addition! Make a game board with paper. Make two columns from 1-30. Use a small object for the game piece. Flip over a card and move that many spaces. Continue until someone reaches the top! To make it interesting: if you land on the same number as your opponent, you must go all the way back to the beginning! Again, you can adapt this by writing letters, sight words, etc in the columns and reading what’s in the box!

activities for kids

For more details, check out this post:

Activities For Kids: Plastic Eggs

It’s almost Easter so you might have some plastic eggs hanging around. If not, grab some at the store when you’re out for groceries. Plastic eggs can be used for unlimited activities for kids! Here’s an idea for word building words with 3 letters:

Write the first letter of a word on half the egg. Write the next two letters of the word on the other half of the egg. Kids put the eggs together to make words. They can read and write the words too!

activities for kids

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Activities For Kids: Sticky Note Match

This game can be used for any skill. You will need some paper, marker, and sticky notes. No sticky notes? No problem. Your kids can just point to the answer to the question! Use your marker to write skills on paper (sight words, numbers, letters, dots to count, etc). Write the same items on sticky notes. Kids choose a sticky note and match it to the answer on the paper!

Activities For Kids: Dice

Dice are a fun learning tool, especially for math skills. But you can also use dice to practice other skills.

Make a roll and read sight word game (or letter game, word game, etc). Write sight words (or whatever skill you want to practice) on index cards or paper. Also, number each piece with 1-6. Lay the pieces out. Kids roll a dice and count the dots. The number of dots tells them the number of the card to pick. They pick a card and read the word!

activities for kids
activities for kids

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For more activities for kids and learning at home resources, check out these creations:

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