Anchor Charts On A Rope!

Creating anchor charts and graphic organizers in the classroom (with students!!!) is a powerful learning tool and a great learning strategy.  We love creating anchor charts and graphic organizers with our Read It Up! resources, our TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum and our TKS Research Projects,  but the question is how to display them.  We all know classrooms aren’t actually designed in the best ways so we have to creative.  And since wall space is LIMITED, we go UP for our anchor chart display!

Enter a rope and Ikea.  True story.
I went to Wal-Mart (I really should invest….) and bought a yellow rope from the hardware section for about $3.  I think it was 100-150 feet long.
I also bought a package of these clips.  There is a loop on the end for the rope and the little clasp to clip to something.  I tied the rope to one clip.  Then I stretched the rope to where I wanted and added a few extra inches and cut.  Then I tied the second clasp on the rope.  The rope is stretched towards the back of the room so it doesn’t block the view of anything!
Next, I pushed up a ceiling tile and clipped the rope to the rail in the ceiling.
Stretch the rope across the room.  Depending on how tight you pull it will affect the amoung of sag.  I pull mine fairly tight.
Now you have an anchor chart rope ready for charts.  But Mr. Greg, how do you attach the charts?
Well my friends, I found a little device that makes it SIMPLE!
Enter the amazing glorious heavenly place known as IKEA!
They sale this photo display kit with a wire and some hooks and these clips.  Well, I bought several packages of the clips.  (Around $5-10 for the clips!)  Their loops fit perfectly on our rope.
Here’s the amazing part…..THEY SLIDE!!  I KNOW RIGHT??!?!  You give them a shove and they zip right along!
I just clip our anchor charts onto the clips and BAM!  Anchor charts on a rope!
The clips allow the charts to move on the rope if I need space and the clips make it easy to change out the charts.
The best part:  The charts are always on display and out of the way.  They can be seen by the students and get used A LOT!!!!
AND, I hang charts on both sides so it actually is a double sided anchor chart display!

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room….the fire marshall and motion detectors.

The motion detectors are NOT triggered by things hanging from the ceiling because the motion detectors aren’t pointed at the ceiling.  They are pointed at the floor/windows/door where there would be motion to detect.
The fire marshall.  We all know they can be difficult.  We know they’re doing their job to keep us safe.  But it’s a classroom so we have it work.  Our fire marshall is strict BUT it also depends on which one you get.  They come once a year to our school so we usually have a heads up so we just take the charts down and put them back up after they visit.  Not a big deal!  If we leave them up they might mention them but it’s never been a major issue.  They’re usually more concerned about doors left open, closets being blocked, etc.  Also….we’re not saying ignore rules/admin, etc.  We’re just sharing our experiences.

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