Ways To Make 10-Kindergarten Math

Ya’ll. It’s so important for our kids to know the different combinations to make 10. Why? Because this helps build that fluency with addition to 10, to 20, and even multiplication later! So, we need to give our students lots of hands-on practice with making 10 using blocks, cubes, drawings, equations, and more!

Making 10 With Math Stackers

Our first lesson in making 10 is using our Math Stackers blocks! These blocks are a must-have classroom tool! These foam blocks are divided into equal parts so the blocks can be used to add, subtract, measure, make 10, and more math skills!

We discussed addition, and equations as well as how different combinations make the same numbers. Then we set out to find all the combinations of 10. This lesson really helped students visualize how to make 10. After we built our towers, the students colored the towers on their recording sheet and wrote the equation.

We also use our Math Stackers Magnets in small groups to make 10!

Making 10 With Pop Its

Yes. Pop-its! The kids love them so why not bring them into the classroom?! In this lesson, I used wheelofnames.com to make a virtual spinner. The spinner lands on a number and the students “pop” that number on their ten frame pop-it. Then we write and solve the equation to make 10.

Bowling For 10

Who doesn’t love bowling? We found this giant bowling set at Wal-Mart and it’s perfect for math lessons! We took turns bowling to make 10! The students counted how many pins fell down and how many were standing! They wrote the equations and make 10!

More Ways To Make 10

Using red and yellow counters (or any two-sided counters) is a great way to practice making 10! You can place the counters in a cup, shake and spill. Color and write the equation!

Ten frames are a great tool for making 10! We use SitSpots tape to make a giant ten frame on the floor. Then we fill the ten frames and make 10 with how many boys/girls or how many spaces are filled and how many are empty!

You can also have students build a tower using two different colors of snap cubes! After they build their tower, they draw a picture and write the equation!

Another more challenging activity is creating a circle chart using sticky notes. Pass out a sticky note with a number on it to each student. They find their partner or “friend of ten” to make 10 and place their numbers on the circle chart! This activity requires students to discuss, problem solve, and work together to make 10!

Bunny bowling is also a fun way to make 10! This activity is great for whole group and can also be placed into your math centers! You can find bunny eggs (or any animal egg that stands up) at the Dollar Tree or other stores. Add in a small ball and you have a make 10 game!


And you can’t make 10 without COOKIES! True story! We use graham crackers, icing, and two kids of chips to make 10! We use chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. Students place the chips on each half of the cookie. Then we share the equations and make our chart!

For more making 10 lessons and resources, grab our Math It Up: Making 10 creation and our Snapping Numbers creation!



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