Have ya’ll seen these adorable Classroom Faces t-shirts from our friends at A-Plus Images?  Students draw their faces and then they’re printed on t-shirts to make your own Classroom Faces shirts. I mean how awesome are these for field trips,  gifts, and keepsakes?!

This is our 4th year doing these and I have to say, I am always blown away at how awesome these shirts turn out!  It’s always a little emotional to see their faces on the shirts knowing that we are going to get to surprise them with these shirts!

This Year’s Reveal:

Keep reading to find out how to enter for your chance to win. The winner will be announced on 2/10/23.

The shirts are simple to create.  Students draw their pictures and write their names. You send the drawings to A Plus Images and they print your shirts. Turnaround time varies from a few days to a few weeks. Learn more about them here at www.classroomfaces.com.

To order your Classroom Faces shirts CLICK HERE or visit www.classroomfaces.com and use our special promo codes to save1! Anyone can save $1 per shirt if the order is postmarked by 2/25/23 using promo code KDSB23.  Anyone can save $2 per shirt if you select black ink for their ink color and postmark the order by 2/25/23 using promo code KDSM-BLACK2.
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This Year’s Shirts:

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