Schedulin Sunday: 3D Shapes, Now And Ben, And Easter

This week is a very short and busy week for us. There is no school Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is a field trip and an egg hunt! We’re going to learn about 3D shapes and work on foundational skills and do some art and have lots of fun!

Lesson Plans

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Phonics And Phonemic Awareness: Vowel Bootcamp

We are following our required foundational skills curriculum. And we are supplementing with our TKS BOOTCAMP Blends Bootcamp! Our foundational skills curriculum is focused on segmenting, word chaining, blending, and writing words using blends, and digraphs, and now we’re introducing vowels. The curriculum has us doing short vowels, so we will be doing circle charts to focus on the short vowels as the medial sounds. We know the sounds so this will be a bit different by isolating the sounds in the middle of words. This week we’re doing e and u.

We will be segmenting, spelling, writing, and reading the words as well as changing sounds to make new words with short vowels, blends, and digraphs.

We also use our decodable texts in small groups to work on the skills in text. I have seen so much growth in my student’s reading with these decodables. The kids love them and I love seeing their confidence and excitement as they read!

In small groups, we’re using our Word Mapping Mats to really help us segment, spell and read words! Since we started using these I’ve seen great improvement in my students’ ability to segment, spell and read words!

We’re also doing a lot of word chaining with CVC words and blends. Word chaining is when you change one sound to make new words. This phonics activity is one of the best for helping students blend and write words and understanding how words work. For these lessons, we’re using our Digital Word Building resource! This resource includes a PowerPoint file and a Google Slides file so it can be used on any device!

Math-3D Shapes

This year our district is using Illustrative Math as our math curriculum. We will be completing those lessons and supplementing them heavily with our Math It Up! creations. This week the curriculum is about shapes, making shapes with shapes, and writing equations. We’re also working with 2D and 3D shapes.

The focus of this week is 3D shapes.

Monday we will sort, describe and compare 3D shapes. We will make our 3D shapes anchor chart as we discuss the shapes.

Tuesday we will be building 3D shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows!

Reading Comprehension: America Then And Now

We are working on module 3 of our required curriculum. This module is about life in the past and present. This week we’re writing about Ben Franklin’s inventions and communication and how we use the inventions today!


This week we will be celebrating bunnies and eggs!

We’re reading How To Catch The Easter Bunny and working on re-telling using sequencing words!

We will also graph whether we like jelly beans or not!

And we’re making rainbow eggs. To do this, the kids pick their colors and use their hands to spread the paint over the paper. And then we cut out eggs. The students can choose to wear gloves or not. The gloves definitely make clean up easier!

We will also do a directed drawing of the Easter Bunny!

We will also have our annual class egg hunt! To make this work, we ask families to send in plastic eggs. The eggs are numbered to match the number of kids in the classroom. This year we have 16 students to the eggs are numbered 1-16. This means everyone gets the exact same number of eggs because you only pick up your number. If you’re number 1, you get all the number 1 eggs. The eggs can be empty or the families can put treats inside the egg.

Morning Meeting

Greeting-egg greeting-put student names or pictures inside plastic eggs. Students choose an egg, open it and greet their friend!

Activity-pass the egg-we pass around a plastic egg using plastic spoons! This is great for motor skills and teamwork! Check out the video so this greeting in action!


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