Sensory Bin Fillers: Ideas To Fill Your Sensory Bin!

Are you looking for sensory bin fillers?  We are sharing some of our favorite sensory bin fillers!

Filling The Sensory Bin

Our sensory bin is nothing fancy!   A plastic tub.  And it sits on a stand made of PVC pipe!
What makes the sensory bin so fantastic is what goes inside!   With some fairly cheap and easy items and some differentiated academic components, you have a super fun center/workstation for your class!
How much of each filler depends on how big your bin is and how full you would like the bin!
All of the non-food sensory bin filler items are saved and used for years.  The food that is dyed is saved and used again.  Anything food related that isn’t dyed is thrown out so it doesn’t attract bugs.
Filler ideas:  rice, pasta, glitter items from Dollar Tree/Michaels, sand, dried corn, chickpeas, and various kinds of beans.  When thinking about pasta we use all kinds of pasta:  elbow macaroni, shells, bowtie pasta, etc.
To color the pasta and rice we use food coloring and rubbing alcohol.  We squire some food coloring into a Zip-loc bag with the rice/pasta.  Pour in a few drops fo rubbing alcohol.  The alcohol helps the color to dry and not rub off.  Shake.  Pour onto a pan or wax paper to dry.

Sensory Bin Fillers

Back To School

For this number recognition sensory bin, we used colored pasta noodles and letter cards.  And no, the pasta doesn’t stay this neat!

This sensory bin is made with alphabet pasta from Walmart.  We dyed the pasta in rainbow colors and added sparkly letter cards.

Halloween Fillers!

Oats and rubber critters from the Dollar Tree made a fun Halloween sensory bin!  (The oats are messy but easy to clean up!)
These sensory bins use split green peas and black beans!  The spider bin uses plastic spider rings.  The witch bin uses witch hats and brooms from Amazon.  CLICK HERE TO GET THEM!
Here is another Halloween sensory bin!  These are just split peas (green) and black beans!  We found the skeleton hand at Dollar Tree and added that to the sensory bin for fine motor practice.  The eyeballs are from Dollar Tree as well!
The eyeballs are from our Frankenstein creation!

November/Thanksgiving Sensory Bins

This sensory bin uses corn and fake acorns.  We used cards from our Raking Leaves resource.  We also added mini tongs from Walmart so students can get fine motor skills practice.  After we finish with this bin, the  corn is thrown out into the wooded area outside of our classroom to feed the animals!


Valentine’s Day!  

This sensory bin uses red pasta.  These are shells that we died red using food coloring.  The hearts are glitter hearts from Hobby Lobby.

This Valentine’s Day sensory bin uses glittery hearts and balls from Hobby Lobby!  Because, well we love glitter!
The hearts are from our I HEART Valentine’s Day Creation!

Christmas/Holidays Around The World

The red and green filler are chick peas.  The silver filler is garland/tinsel that we cut into pieces.  We added Christmas bows and small ornaments from Walmart.

This is peppermint scented rice.  We dyed the rice red and add peppermint extract for a very fresh smell!


Beans and rubber footballs from Party City!

St. Patrick’s Day!  

Metallic beans!   I used liquid metallic watercolor paint to make gold and silver beans!   They were so shiny and sparkly!  You know how I love sparkly things!
Add in some shamrocks and you’ve got a sensory bin fit for your leprechauns!
This sensory bin is lima beans dyed in rainbow colors!  We added some glittery shamrocks and cards from our St. Patrick’s Day creation!
For this sensory bin, we used our metallic beans and added these glittery St. Patrick’s Day shapes from Michaels!
Rainbows!  Rainbow-colored rice and rainbow number cards!


 Easter basket grass.  Plastic eggs.  Each egg is labeled with sight words!  They match the sight words and write or color!
We also used pasta dyed green and orange to make a fun carrot sensory bin!
For this sensory bin, we used our Carrot Sight Word game for sight word practice!

This butterfly sensory bin is filled with glitter balls from Dollar Tree!

This is a frog sensory bin using pasta dyed green and fake frogs from Dollar Tree!

New Year’s Day!

For our New Year’s sensory bins we use disco balls from Hobby Lobby and some sparkly balls to go with the disco balls.  We will use cards from our Smashing Disco Balls creation!

sensory bin fillers
For this New Year sensory bin, we use confetti and disco balls!  The confetti is from Amazon!  Click here to grab a bag or two!
We will use noisemakers and party hats from our Happy New Year creation in this sensory bin!

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Pasta that is dyed blue and plastic food from Amazon!  GET THE FOOD HERE!


We use sand and some fun items from Dollar Tree!

You can also grab our year-long sensory bin resource with over 500 pages of differentiated sensory bin activities and recording sheets!

If you want to learn more about our sensory bins, check out our FREE WEBINAR!  Click here to register:

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