Sight Word 60 Day 5: Sight Word Games

Day 5 of Sight Word 60 is all about fun and review with our favorite sight word games!


We quickly practice the words for the week using our PowerPoint template, and then we do an activity or a game to practice the words!  When using the PowerPoint, we segment the sounds in the word, spell the words and decode the words using sounds.

Sight Word Games

After we practice and review the words,  we do some type of sight word game or activity.  With the games, we want to continue to segment the sounds, spell the word and decode the word.  And we want them to write the words.  Each activity now includes writing.  Usually, this means students write the words on whiteboards!
Sight word graphing is one of the go-to activities!  It’s quick and simple and gets everyone involved!
Simply use the sight word grids from Day 4.  Cut the words apart and place them in a bag or box.  Students come up and choose a word.  We segment the sounds, spell the word, and decode the word.  The student glues the word on the graph, and the rest of the class writes the word on their board.
After everyone has a turn, we read all of the words on the graph.  And then, we count the words and analyze the data!
sight word games
sight word graphing
This also gives us some counting and graphing practice!   Sight words and math!  BAM!

We also play some fun sight word games!


We also play a lot of musical games!   I have used our Sit Spots for these games!   I’ve used index cards on chairs, and when we learned about polar bears, we used polar bear paws!

Put the words in a circle, and crank up the music (the louder, the better!)  When the music stops, they read the word they are standing on!  They decode the word, spell the word, and they have whiteboards to write the word!

Go on a sight word hunt!  Write sight words on Post-it notes.  Students find the word, read the word, and write the word!

Raining hearts!  Write words on hearts.  Place the words into an umbrella and dump the words out so it rains!  Students grab a word.  They spell the word, decode the word and write the word!

We have included more sight word games and activities in our Sight Word 60 creation!

Our Sight Word 60 Creation has all the detailed instructions for each day compiled in one place for you, plus templates, word cards, parent letters, games/activities, and more! It’s available on TPT & in the TKS Store. 



And then I use ESGI to assess our sight words!

ESGI makes one on one assessment super easy and quick!   I can assess my kids on the words for the week in just a few minutes and can generate personalized flashcards for the words each child misses!

If I want to assess all of the words we know, I can also do that quickly!


If you’re not using ESGI, you need to check it out!  It truly makes data collection and assessment quick and easy!   I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!  And all of our assessments are included, plus you can make your own assessments!
Check out www.esgisoftware.com and sign up for a 60-day free trial using code SMORGIE!   That code will also save you $50!

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