Christmas Sensory Bin Ideas

One of our center choices is our sensory bin.  I love the sensory bin in the classroom because it gives my kids a sensory learning experience while meeting academic standards.  Plus, it’s fun to get messy.  And who doesn’t like to make a mess?!  Today, we want to share ideas for a Christmas sensory bin or sensory table for your classroom!

christmas sensory bin

Christmas Sensory Bin

One option for sensory bins is a scented bin.  This means the kids get a fun texture, visual experience, and a pleasant smell.  For this Christmas Sensory bin, we used rice.  We colored the rice red and added peppermint oil to scent it!

This differentiated sensory bin has kids working on letter recognition or beginning sounds.  The cards included in this Christmas sensory bin are from our Holidays Around The World creation!

To see how we made the peppermint rice, check out this post!

Another option for sensory bins is pasta.  You can use any shape of pasta and just by using food coloring or liquid watercolor paint, you can make the pasta fit any theme!  For our Christmas sensory bin, we colored the pasta red and green!

kindergarten sensory bin

To differentiate this sensory bin we practiced beginning sounds and CVC words!

The cards are from our Oh Christmas Tree Blackline creation!

Another option for filling a sensory bin is to find traditional Christmas items like GARLAND!  We bought silver garland and cut it into smaller pieces.  It’s perfect for the sensory bin.  We also added in some small presents and fake Christmas lights!  (All purchased from Wal-Mart for just a few dollars!).

This sensory bin features some fun Santa cards focused on beginning sounds and CVC words.  These cards are from our Santa creation!

These cards are from our Holidays Around The World creation.

Another traditional Christmas material that is a great filler for sensory bins is CHRISTMAS BOWS!

Here’s another sensory bin using the bows and Christmas Tree Emoji cards!

We also use chickpeas and color them red and green.  We use the same process as for pasta.  Food coloring or liquid watercolor and a splash of rubbing alcohol.


For this differentiated MATH sensory bin, we used one set of number cards.  The recording sheets differentiate the sensory bin between number recognition and counting ten frames!  These cards are also from our Santa creation!

For this gingerbread man sensory bin, we colored rice brown and added some ginger seasoning!  The cards are from our Gingerbread Superheroes creation!

gingerbread sensory bins

For more ideas and resources, check out these posts:

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