Decomposing Numbers

Decomposing numbers allows kids to understand making numbers in different ways.  It helps students with place value, addition, and writing equations as well!  Plus, who doesn’t like “ripping things apart”?!

Decomposing Numbers:  Giant Number Bonds Lesson

Our first lesson introduces number bonds in a giant way.  Literally.  I use a permanent marker to draw a giant number bond on the floor!

decomposing numbers

We use the students to decompose numbers!  Check out this video!

Number Bonds:  Independent Practice

After our introductory lesson, we use our big number bonds for independent practice with decomposing numbers and number bonds!

number bonds

Check out the video of this lesson in action!

Finally, we got to build a tower and WRECK IT!  After we wreck it, we color the cubes, make the number bond and write the equation!  For our culminating activity students to show their understanding of the concept!

All of these lessons and more are included in our Math It Up: Number Bonds creation!

This resource has been recently updated with additional recording sheets for writing equations!

For more decomposing and composing numbers, check out these creations as well!

making 10 lesson plans

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