Arctic Animals Research Project

One of my struggles in kindergarten was always meeting the research standards.   Research?  Kindergarten?  Oh sure, turn them loose on Google, and they can learn all about polar bears.  Nothing bad could come of that, right?!   That’s how I started creating our research projects.  I wanted something kid-friendly and teacher-friendly but fun, engaging, and aligned with the science of reading.  And met the standards.   This post will show you some highlights of our Arctic Animals Research project!

arctic animals lesson plans

Artic Animals Research Project

In our class, we study a different animal a day: walruses, arctic foxes, polar bears, moose, narwhals, and snowy owls.  We do penguins as a separate unit.  To research each arctic animal, we read a book about the animal and watched a YouTube video.  We record our learning on our graphic organizers.  The students then write about the animal in their research journal.  The research journals are differentiated.  One set of pages has a sentence frame, and the other does not.  There is also a blank writing page for each animal.

arctic animals arctic animals arctic animals lesson plans kindergarten science lessons kindergarten research projects

arctic animals

We also label the parts of animals to explicitly teach vocabulary and learn about adaptations!

arctic animals arctic animals vocabulary lessons for kids arctic animals arctic animals arctic animals

This whole group approach to research makes research and writing in kindergarten easy, manageable, and very effective.  My students were arctic animal experts at the end of our arctic animals research project.

But we’re not done yet.  It’s not just about research and writing…it’s also about FUN and art!   So for each of the arctic animals we study, we do an art project!

Arctic Animals Art Projects

arctic animals

The artic fox is a paper plate and white tissue paper squares.  The plate is cut in half.  One-half of the plate is the body.  The other half is used to make the head, legs, and tail.

arctic animals art

The polar bear was a simple, directed drawing!

snowy owl art project

The snowy owl is a torn paper project.  We first put the brown branch on the paper.  Then, we used a white crayon to draw our owl.  We filled in the snowy owl with torn white construction paper.  We added eyes, ears, and a beak.

For this walrus art project, we used hands for the flippers!

We also did a narwhal-directed drawing!

walrus math

The walrus turned into a math lesson and art project.  We made the walrus using construction paper.  Then we fed the walrus some fish.  The students glued some fish onto the paper, and we practiced subtraction by “feeding” the walrus some fish!    Math and art and science and research and writing, OH MY!  See how we learned all about walruses, did art, and had fun?!

Of course, if you’re learning about arctic animals, you must dress the part!

Arctic Animals Science

The students also got to experience what it’s like to live in the arctic and have blubber!  We dipped our hands in ice water and talked about how it felt.  Then we learned that blubber is a layer of fat that keeps arctic animals warm.  So we put our hands into a bag of Crisco (blubber) and then placed our hands in the ice water.  We talked about how it was warmer with blubber!

blubber science experiment

Arctic Animals Snack

And, of course, we had an arctic animal snack!  Polar bear ice cream!  Vanilla ice cream cup, vanilla wafer cookies, and chocolate chips!

The arctic animals also made their way into our math and literacy centers!

arctic animal centers

Arctic Animals Books

Click the image to see all of our Arctic Animals books on Amazon!

YouTube Videos For Arctic Animals:

Arctic Fox

Polar Bears

Polar Bears



Snowy Owls


Our arctic animals research project contains everything you need to research eight different arctic animals.  Included are:  arctic fox, polar bear, walrus, snowy owl, narwhals, seal, moose, and arctic hare.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Graphic organizers
  • Recording sheets
  • Writing and drawing activities
  • Read aloud book suggestions
  • Center activities
  • Art ideas
  • Video links
  • Included activities:

    1. Schema maps
    2. KWL charts
    3. Animal can/have/are charts
    4. Animal look/live/eat charts
    5. Differentiated writing pages
    6. Labeling parts of animals
    7. True/False sorts
    8. Vocabulary
    9. Math and literacy centers


    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Constance B. says:  “I love your research and writing resources. I always come to your store to see if you have what I need to teach. My online students have done a great job with this, and their writing has improved so much.”

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Whitney A. says:  “This is the perfect pack for our Kindergarten Research.

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Amanda W. says:  “Absolutely wonderful packet! I loved using this with my class. They loved the centers and the research projects. Fantastic creation!”

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The Great Scotts says:  “Engaging, relevant, detail-oriented, standards-based practice.”

arctic animals lesson plans


arctic animals

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