Easter Ideas For The Classroom

Spring is in the air!  And that means it’s time for eggs, bunnies, and Easter!  This blog post highlights some fun, engaging, and hands-on Easter ideas for the classroom.  And don’t worry…if you can’t or don’t celebrate Easter classroom ideas are also  just SPRING ideas!

Easter And Spring Read Alouds

There are so many great spring and Easter read-alouds, but our go-to is always There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Chick.  This book is great for sequencing, writing, prepositions, and discussing things that are real and fantasy!

Easter Ideas:  Math

Easter and spring mean chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.  So why not use those sugary treats for some graphing activities?

Graphing jelly beans is a fun way to sort by color, graph, count, and tally!   All you need are jelly beans and a recording sheet!

easter math ideas

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate bunny?  I know I do!  And why not use some chocolate bunnies for graphing?  Have each child bring in a chocolate bunny.  Or provide them for the class.  I found them for $1 at the Dollar Tree.  Students take ONE BITE of their bunny and graph where they took the first bite.

spring math ideas for the classroom

This is a fun, hands-on addition sort that uses trays from Wal-Mart and our Glitter Peeps Addition freebie!  I used stickers to label the trays from 0-10.  Students solve the equation, write the equation and sort the equation.  The sorting brings in higher-level thinking for the kids as they work!

Easter Ideas:  Adjectives

Ya’ll.  Mr. Greg has an issue with plastic eggs.  Basically, I’m addicted.  I buy all the plastic eggs.  They’ve taken over my life.  I’ll share lots of ideas for those eggs at the end of this post!  When I found these sparkly eggs, I knew exactly what to do.  These eggs lend themselves to a lesson on adjectives.

easter literacy ideas

Inside each egg, I placed an adjective that described a student in our class.  Students randomly chose an egg.  We opened the egg and read the adjective.  Then we had to figure out who that adjective was describing!  This was powerful.  We knew almost immediately who each word described.  That sense of community that had been built in our class was real and it was powerful.  This continues to be one of my favorite lessons!

Easter Ideas:  Art

We love art!  And I love process art.  No templates for us.  This hatching chick art project is simple and so cute!

easter art ideas for kids

Basically, the chick is 2 circles.  The egg is kind of the shape of a letter D with the crack cut into it.  Add some eyes and legs.  

Here’s another chick art project!

I also love messy art so why not paint eggs with our hands?!  But to cut down on the mess, we used a plastic glove!  The kids chose their paint color and the pattern.  I squirted the paint onto their 12×18 white construction paper and they did the smearing.  When the paint dried, they cut out their eggs!

We love a good handprint art project and these bunnies are so cute and fun!

This project is so easy! Grab some plastic cookie cutters from Wal-Mart! Students dip the cookie cutters into paint and stamp it onto the paper!

We painted this chick using a shower poof! Dip the poof into paint and stamp it onto paper! Add an egg, eyes, and a beak!

Easter Door Decoration

Here’s a fun and SIMPLE idea for an Easter door decoration to celebrate your PEEPS!  Simply cut out some bunny shapes.  Fill a basket with some eggs and attach them to the door with a command hook.  BAM!  The Easter Door is done!

easter door decoration ideas

Easter Sensory Bins

We love our sensory bins!!  Here are some ideas for Easter sensory bins or spring sensory bins.

This was a very simple and cheap sensory bin: Easter grass and plastic eggs. Sight words were written on both halves of the eggs. Students decoded the words, matched the words, and wrote the sight words.

This sensory bin uses glitter eggs from Dollar Tree, plastic fuse beads and eggs from our Hatchin’ Eggs resource!

easter ideas sensory bin

This sensory bin is dyed pasta and our glitter peeps addition freebie!

Easter Snacks And Egg Hunts

Of course, we have an Easter egg hunt (or just an egg hunt).  To keep it simple, fair, and organized, we have each child bring in eggs.  The eggs are numbered from 1-20 (or however many kids are in the class).  So we ended up with 15 sets of eggs, all numbered 1-20.  The eggs are filled with goodies.   When we hunt the eggs, we only find the eggs with our number written on them.  So, if you’re number 4, you find all of the number 4 eggs.  This means everyone gets the same amount of eggs.

And, of course, we need a basket for the eggs.  We found these at Walmart for $1!

For our Easter snack, we eat Bunny Bait! Bunny Bait is simple: corn Chex, pastel M&Ms, pretzel sticks, sprinkles, and popcorn, all mixed in melted white chocolate!

Grab your bunny bait label here!

Another fun snack is a Peep in a car.

spring snack ideas for the classroom

Twinkie, Peep, marshmallows, and a pretzel!

Easter Math And Literacy Ideas!

easter ideas for the classroom sight words

These are foam bunnies from Dollar Tree. I wrote sight words on the bunnies and then used Dollar Tree gems to write the letters. Students read the word, spell the word, and write the word.

For this center, we made giant ten-frames using construction paper. The chocolate bunny eggs are from Oriental Trading. Students chose a number, made the ten-frame, and wrote the number on the ten-frame recording sheet.

spring classroom ideas for math

My class obsesses over our monthly sight word projects!   We have loved filling our baskets with eggs!

easter sight word ideas

I found these little baskets at Oriental Trading, so we turned them into a subtraction sorting activity!

easter centers and activities

Easter Ideas: Morning Meeting

For our Easter morning meeting, we put student pictures into plastic eggs and placed the eggs in a basket. Students grab an egg, open it, and greet their friend.

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