Unicorn Ideas And Activities

Raise your hand if you love unicorns and love unicorn ideas for the classroom! I mean, who doesn’t?! They’re fun and happy and make everything better. I love using unicorns in the classroom because the kids love them! Did you know that National Unicorn Day is celebrated on April 9? Here are some ideas for unicorns in the classroom…

Unicorn Ideas: Literacy

For National Unicorn Day, we read Thelma The Unicorn and have some great discussions about the story elements and the importance of being you and being happy with who you are!

unicorn ideas
unicorn ideas for literacy

And we graph whether we like unicorns or not. And it’s unanimous.

unicorn ideas for kids

We also have Read It Up! How To Catch A Unicorn! My class LOVES the “How To Catch” books so we have been adding them all to our classroom library!

unicorn ideas and activities for kids

Click the image to see our unicorn books on Amazon!

unicorn ideas and books for kids
unicorn ideas for phonics
unicorn ideas for letters and sounds

Unicorn Ideas: Math

We found these unicorn cutouts at Dollar Tree, so we’re using them a lot.

unicorn activities and ideas for counting

For this counting game, we write numbers on the cutouts, and the students use mini-erasers from Target to practice counting and one-to-one correspondence.

unicorn activities for numbers

This rainbows and unicorns counting game use an inflatable rainbow drink holder, pom-poms, and number cards.

Rainbow drink holder-Amazon


Unicorn Number Cards-Unicorn Centers For The Entire Year-linked at the end of this post

Students choose a card, say the number, and count the pom-poms in the cup. You can add tweezers or tongs to add in fine motor practice.

unicorn counting games

Unicorn measurement!

Unicorn Ideas: Art

This unicorn painting is one of my favorites because it uses their feet! Paint the feet white. Then add a rainbow mane, a golden horn, and glitter

YES! PAINT THEIR FEET! It’s hilarious. And it’s a great bonding experience.

Paper plate unicorns!

unicorn art projects for kids

Unicorns and streamers!

Unicorn Directed Drawings

Unicorn slime!

To make unicorn slime, we make slime, add food coloring and unicorn confetti!

unicorn slime

The unicorn confetti is from Amazon. Click here!

Unicorn Ideas: Green Screen Pictures

Unicorn Sensory Bin!

We found these sparkly balls and string at a craft store during Christmas. We added cards from our Unicorn Centers For The Entire Year resource to make a differentiated sensory bin.

unicorn sensory bin ideas

Unicorn Snack Ideas

Unicorn Bark! This is a great snack for National Unicorn Day! To make this you melt white chocolate and add food coloring. Swirl. Add sprinkles. Let harden. Break into pieces!

unicorn snacks

This unicorn snack was made with Unicorn Pudding, marshmallows (gelatin-free), whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles!

And, of course, no unicorn post is complete without unicorn decorations…

Unicorn costume

Unicorn Gift Bags

I also surprise my class with some fun unicorn goodie bags!

unicorn gift ideas
  1. Unicorn Goodie Bags

2. Unicorn Pencils

3. Unicorn Straws

4. Unicorn Headbands

5. Unicorn Rings/Bracelets/Keychains

For more information/ideas/activities, check out these posts:

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