End Of The School Year Activities: Schedulin Sunday

end of the year activities and ideas

Well, believe it or not, here we are. Our final Schedulin Sunday of this school year is loaded with end-of-the-school-year activities. The last week of school. 3.5 days. I can’t believe my first year at my new school is over. I can’t believe that my most challenging class in 10 years is ready for first grade.


You can get our lesson plan templates here:

weekly lesson plans and templates


We end the school year by creating our memory books. We read the book A Letter From Your Teacher On The Last Day Of School and use our Read It Up! resource to create graphic organizers of our memories.

We create graphic organizers for different topics. Kids share their memories or favorites. Some of the topics are: our classroom, favorite activities, favorite recess, favorite lunch, favorite part of the day, favorite snack, favorite science experiment, and more!

End Of The School Year Activities: Self Portraits

At the beginning of the school year, we make self-portraits. This week, we will re-make the self-portraits to see how far we’ve come with our art skills!

End Of The School Year Activities: Name Writing

On the very first day of school, every child writes their name on our name chart. The last week of school we do the same activity to show growth.

end of the school year worksheets

End Of The School Year Activities: Certficiates And Celebrations

We officially end the school year with a celebration in our classroom. Each student receives two certificates: a kindergarten certificate and a personalized award. These awards highlight the child’s personality and success in the classroom.

We also watch our end of the year slideshow. I create our slideshow in iMovie. I compile pictures from our year together. The families also receive this video. I’m always amazed at how much we do in a year. Ya’ll. No wonder we’re tired. Going through all of those pictures is a powerful reminder of the work we do and the progress our kids make! Here is the video from the 2022-2023 school year!

Finally, the year ends with one more read-aloud. I have read this book as our final moments in the classroom together for years. I love the message that I knew my kids could do amazing things and they did.

This week I also prep and send home our take home packets! These packets have all of our kindergarten skills and they’re easy to print and send home!

end of the school year activities take home packets

This bundle has over 100 pages and is currently on sale for only $3!!!

Students will also design my end of the year blazer. I buy a white blazer from Amazon. Students use fabric markers to decorate the blazer!

end of the year teacher gift ideas

Backwards Bootcamp

The final days of Backwards BootCamp are cookies, crazy hair, bubbles, and ALOHA! For aloha, we dress in beach clothes, and I decorate and play beach music. We make a fun beach snack and wear fun sunglasses. The bubble and cookie graphs are included in our Backwards Bootcamp.



Click below for the resources we are using in our classroom this week.

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