Lesson Plans: Subtraction, Vowels, Zoo Animals

kindergarten lesson plans end of the year activities and ideas

Week 36 kindergarten lesson plans are all about subtraction for kindergarten, zoo animals, vowels with Vowel boot camp, glow day, glitter bombs, Backwards boot camp, and mermaid day! And it’s all about keeping the days as routine as possible to keep behaviors and stress down for everyone! Let us help make planning for your week a little easier with our classroom-proven lessons, activities, and resources!


You can get our lesson plan templates here:

weekly lesson plans and templates

Kindergarten Lesson Plans: TKS BOOTCAMP

We follow a required foundational skills curriculum and supplement it with our TKS BOOTCAMP resource, especially for extra practice and small group work! We are moving onto CVC-E words with our Vowel Bootcamp! Our TKS BOOTCAMP curriculum works with ALL curriculums or as a stand-alone resource! This week we are focusing on blending and decoding words, writing words, reading decodables, and lots of word chaining!


We have introduced and worked on all five vowels. This week is more practice with all of the vowels. We will also do a vowel sort to see if we can hear and differentiate the vowel sounds. Our biggest focus this week will be decodables and encoding or writing words.

kindergarten lesson plans decodable readers
kindergarten lesson plans decodable readers

Kindergarten Lesson Plans: Phonics: Word Mapping

We will also use our Word Mapping mats during this time to work on our segmenting, spelling, and reading words! These have been a true game changer for my kids, especially those struggling with segmenting sounds and spelling words!

weekly lesson plans for phonics

We’re also using our Digital Word Building Resource to do word chaining to work on blending CVC words!

word chaining resources
word chaining lesson plans

We also used our glitter letters clipart to make glitter letter cards, and we’ve been using these cards in whole groups and small groups. The kids LOVE them! (This is CLIPART. You must insert the letter clipart into a document to make letter cards!)

phonics lessons

This week we will use our beach ball to practice decoding cvc-e words. I toss the ball to the students. When they catch it they decode the word they’re touching!

kindergarten lesson plans phonics

Another activity we do is word chaining with these foam letter cubes. I say the word, students write the word, and one student spells the word.

kindergarten lesson plans science of reading

Sight Word 60

weekly lesson plans for sight words

We have introduced all 50 words that appear on our upcoming benchmark assessment, so this week, I will asses students using ESGI, and we will use that data to practice words we’re still struggling to master!

science of reading sight words instruction
teaching sight words


We’re wrapping up our big animal project. We will learn about animals, animal habitats, and adaptations and hopefully keep the kids engaged during the last few weeks of school! This week, our animals in kindergarten will be zoo animals, and we’re using our Zoo Animals Research Project!

This week, we’re learning about tigers, lions and flamingos. For each animal, we do our research with read-alouds and videos. We record what we learned about graphic organizers during the read-aloud!

Students will then use the graphic organizers to write about animals. Students record their writing in their research journals. They can write on their own, copy the graphic organizer or a combination of both!

Animals For Kindergarten: Labeling

To build vocabulary and focus on animal adaptations, we use labeling. As we label the animals we discuss how the parts help the animals adapt to survival in their habitats!

Animals In Kindergarten: Art

For each zoo animal, we do an art project of the animal!


Our district has adopted a new math curriculum (AGAIN!), so we’re trying to figure it out because it’s a lot, and it’s not aligned with our state standards, so there’s that. We’re using the curriculum and supplementing it with our MATH IT UP! and TKS BOOTCAMP curriculums.

This week, we’re working on subtraction! Our subtraction for kindergarten will be with cars!

We will use ten frames to subtract, park cars in the garage, and drive cars on the road to practice subtraction! All of these are hands-on activities using toy cars! Students will be reading, writing, solving equations, and building subtraction fluency!

We will also be chasing chickens to subtract. We write equations on yellow balloons. Kids find a chicken, write the equation and solve!


Glow Day

ideas for a glow day

This week is also GLOW DAY! Our glow day is fun and SIMPLE! When I decided to do a glow day a few years ago, I wanted to do something simple. I wanted fun. I had seen so many glow days that were so much work, and I didn’t want that. So, our glow day is all about practicing and reviewing skills with highlighters and backlights. Fun. Easy.

We use recording sheets and highlighters to write our names, spell sounds, segment sounds and spell words, count, and add with dice! The kids also get glow sticks and neon construction vests that glow! All of the details, recording sheets, and links to the items we use are included in our glow day resource. The recording sheets allow you to differentiate your glow day to meet the needs of your classroom!

ideas for a glow day kindergarten worksheets

Kindergarten Lesson Plans: Mermaid Day

I am always looking for new ideas and new ways to have fun with my class. I made a new sensory bin with a mermaid theme, and it hit me. We need a mermaid day. For Backwards Bootcamp, E is coming up, so I thought E was for excitement. What’s more exciting than an entire mermaid day? We will use our newest Read It Up! How To Catch A Mermaid!

Here’s what is planned:

-Phonics-mermaid CVC-E words-draw a mermaid with a clam on posterboard. Make paper pearls (circles of paper) with letters to spell words.

Math-mermaid subtraction-use the mermaid and clams posterboard. Take away pearls to subtract. Students write equations on whiteboards or recording sheets.

Art-make a mermaid tail with paper plates and dot stickers

Snack-Mermaid milkshake-pink or purple, whipped cream on top with sprinkles

Stay tuned for all of the pictures and videos!

Hit The Floor Greeting: Morning Meeting

This week, our greeting is a mermaid greeting. I will put the kid’s pictures on a mermaid. We choose a mermaid and greet our friend!

For our activity, we’re going to play I Have Who Has! We’re introducing the game this week so we will be playing I Have Who Has Sounds!

i have who has games for kids
morning meeting resources

Backwards Bootcamp

Backwards Bootcamp continues this week with:

H-hat day

G-glow day and glitter bombs

F-flyswatter painting

E-excercise and excitement




Click below for the resources we are using in our classroom this week.

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