Back To School Read Alouds

Today, we’re sharing our favorite beginnng of the year read-alouds. These are just some of the books we use in our classroom. We’re always adding to and deleting from our collection to keep our read-alouds inclusive and up-to-date. Our classroom libraries and read-alouds must reflect our students and highlight those who are different from us.


Back To School Read Alouds

These two books are great for learning about names and their importance, especially how to pronounce names correctly.

Back To School: The First Day Of School

These first day read-alouds are great for the first day of school. We use these to discuss our feelings, compare and contrast our day with the stories, and more!

Back To School Books: Classroom Management

These read alouds are great for starting discussions about rules, expectations and how we want our classroom to function!

Back To School Read Alouds: Being Yourself

These books are used to discuss how important it is to be yourself and be unique. We also use these books to talk about kindness towards others and to address what we wear, color and toy stereotypes, and more.

First Day Of School Read Alouds

These books are great for read-alouds for the first few weeks of school! They’re all about going to school, teachers, how we go home, standing up for our friends, and more!

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